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Hello everyone. It’s been about 6 months or more since i asked for feedback on my main project: Project Power-UP. As time went on the game has changed a lot, ranging from new content to improving the gameplay loop.

For those who don’t know about the game, here’s some information:
Project Power-UP is a game inspired by Kirby Air Ride by taking the City Trial core mechanics and expanding it by creating new mechanics, minigames and in the future, maps.

So i am looking for feedback in addition to; how i can improve my player retention and if the gameplay loop needs some changes.
I would really appreciate by sending your opinions and constructive criticism.


  • There are a few bugs lying around. Bug-fixes are on the way.
  • Some content (Specifically; Combat and Mixed minigames) cannot be chosen if playing alone. Play together or own a private server to access them.

Game Link: Project Power-UP - Roblox

– Everyedit

Hey, @Everyedit

First of all I have to admit how admirable it is to put so much text and submenus into one clean UI - you absolutely nailed that.

The particle and sound design is as polished as you would except it from a game with such extreme amounts of creativity (boosters themselves, lobby design…) and effort (dozens of minigames and maps, a lot of game modes…) put into it.

It’s totally understandable that you would worry about your player’s retention - that’s the one massive shortcoming of your game. There is pets, cosmetic titles and daily missions, but I for myself would presumably not return to the game. Even with the different game modes and minigames, the game still feels too repetitive. Whilst I personally did not recognize mature differences between the game modes, the game bored me out fairly quick. It’s one of those games you would play with your friends for a few rounds and then leave.

Why is that? People (or perhaps just me) can’t see the clear objective in your game. In Welcome to Bloxburg you want to gain a lot of money in order to build your dream house, in Jailbreak you want to collect as much cash as possible in order to drive the best vehicles and get the good guns, in Theme Park Tycoon 2 you want to make as much cash as possible to finally be able to build your ultimate theme park - I think you get what I am on about. Your game offers the same gameplay all over again - why would you play the game again? In order to buy a pet, to experience the game in the same way again?

Simulators can bypass this because they are addiction bait, large and ambitious games can bypass this because they have mixed gameplay and offer new experiences every time you play. Your game is somewhere in between this gap.

How do you fix this? The products you can buy or achieve (pets, titles…) don’t really change the gameplay at all. It’s the same game, with or without pets/titles. Because you don’t already have a large community like Murder Mystery 2 does for example, you need to think of elements that would be worth striving for - something that would open up for new possibilities.

Your game offers great UI, sound and particle design. The creativity and effort you put into this can’t be overshadowed. Unfortunately there is no really point to the game - why would you play the game again? Why would you grind in order to get pets/titles, when it doesn’t add up to the gameplay? Implement something that is worth grinding for, something that offers new possibilities for the way you play the game.

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Heya, thanks for the feedback @PerfectlyBlack .
I’m going to give my personal opinion on each paragraph.

1 & 2 ] I really appreciate that you liked the UI and content. Althrough some UIs will be revamped on the next minor update.

3 & 4] I see, can you provide me some suggestions or advice on how i can make the game less repetitve and/or more interesting? If you can’t, it’s ok.

5 ] Can you define: “Your game is somewhere in between this gap.”?

6 ] If i add more mechanics/systems that alter gameplay (Excluding Mystical Perks), it can cause a few issues, like for example: New players curb-stomped by veterans, easier hunt/minigames, unbalance, etc.
Maybe in the future i can address this point, but for now, nothing will be implemented nor changed.

Oh well, i’ll take your feedback into consideration and gonna try to do my best.
– Everyedit