[FeedBack] Rate my Market + Suggestions

Thank you everyone for the support I received on my last post about this build, I decided to add a chimney from recommendations and advise I received, I’ll be adding flowers and pathways very soon, besides that, is there any other way to improve this build?



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It’s amazing. I don’t think It’d need anything more! 5/5

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:open_mouth: 5 out of 5 that really cool!

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I like the market 5/5. This is a market of the medieval time right? I recommend you to put texts of selling stuff like saying “Selling used armor for 20 pounds (50% Discount)” by the way, nice market!

The build is great! The only feedback I could give you is to space the front, second story windows further apart. And for some reason I don’t like the door on the bare wall. Add windows on either side (?)

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Is there something inside? I assume nothing yet. I would add door handle so the door would look better. I like those windows and roof the most.

It looks really good! As you said, adding a pathway and flowers would make it look really nice!

What you could do is add 3d grass to the build it something to add decoration to the front grassy part since theres nothing, I’d rate it 4.6

very nice job love the low poly build keep up the awesome work :slight_smile:.