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I would like to participate with you in my new creation of camouflage according to the new series of patterns MAD21 for the Czech army. These are new patterns that will be used in the future. I will be glad for any feedback.

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I dont think i can give any feedback. It looks clean overall, one of the better army uniforms ive seen. Keep up the good work


You should def learn how to shade to make, I think the outfit would look improved ^^

I don’t see it what clothing are you talking about
Very clean for camo, nothing to say, very clean.

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i think they look very good! the only thing i noticed is that the reference image appears to be more dull or less “saturated” i dont know if thats the right word though… It could just appear that way due to harsh lighting or fading of colors on the real uniform.

that being said I dont think its that big of a deal and depending on where the game that uses the uniform takes place the darker colors would work well i.e. in a forest or dark area.

Thank you! I really appreciate your opinion, I’m glad you like it. :pray:

See I had forgotten about proper shading, I’ll definitely add shading! :sweat_smile: :+1:

Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it. :sunglasses: :pray:

Thank you so much for this comment,

the photo has undergone some major editing to make the colours more pronounced, otherwise the original photo is a more pale shade. It has been tested on our new project as well and the camouflage works really well, the camouflage works so well that when he lies down on the ground it’s not at all slow to tell if it’s camouflage or not, it blends into the environment beautifully.