Feedback Request - Completed Model of House for Groke game

Hello fellow developers,

I hope this message finds you well. I’m excited to share my progress on a project I’ve been working on - The Groke.

I’ve recently completed the construction of main character’s house, a pivotal location within the game. The design is focused on capturing the essence of a cozy yet enigmatic dwelling nestled in a vast and snowy valley. From the exterior to the interior, I’ve put considerable effort into creating an immersive experience.

Here are some highlights of the house’s features:

Kitchen and hall:

Living Room:

Bedroom 1 (main character):


Moomin’s room:


please note that most furniture models are placeholders and free models. they are going to be replaced in next updates.

     Best Regards,



This build definitely catches the feel of it being in a snowy place. The kitchen is what really does it for me.
Overall, very good!

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I would recommend removing some of the ceiling lights, so the ceiling doesn’t look too crowded.


I think it’s very nice, Your level of detail is very good. :grin:

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