Feedback required on Supernatural Sightings - Round based ghost game

Hey there,
I recently finished and published the game “Supernatural Sightings”. Its heavily inspired by an old game called Unknown Demise.

Link to my game - Supernatural Sightings - Roblox

The game is round based, once you die your taken back to the lobby and have to wait for a new round to start, the objective is to collect a given number of gas cans from around the map. The main mechanic however is AI ghosts actively hunt down players. The gist however is that the ghosts are fully invisible and can only be seen using a camcorder you have, however its limited battery poses a problem. There are additional mechanics, but you can discover that for yourself.

I made the game to see if I could take a project to completion, as I have far too many unfinished tech demo studio files on my computer. This project was the first time a game of mine with an actual game loop has an thumbnail, icon and all that stuff.

Feedback/What this post is for
Anyway, what I’m really looking for is feedback on the way the game feels. I’m not sure if this is because I developed the game, but just playing it doesn’t feel right to me. Either the game is too easy, or there isn’t enough variation in mechanics and the gameplay to allow for strategy. So I’d like some insight as to whether the game feels like a complete game, or at least the beginnings of a complete game, and something that you would find fun to play.
Additionally, any feedback on the UI or how easy it is for you to understand mechanics and stuff would be greatly appreciated.

Some concepts I have thought about that would be nice to have feedback on:

  • A way for players in the lobby to interact with the game, maybe spawning in as a ghost, or using CCTV cameras on the map to aid the survivors.
  • Multiple ghost types
  • A system where rounds have a random chance to be hardcore mode, with faster ghosts - originally considering this to be payed by by a player in the lobby sort of like Natural Disaster Survival’s disaster machine, but if this was added, I most likely wouldn’t add the payment, due to the unoriginal game concept
  • Additional perks and items to spend money on