[FEEDBACK] Resort Rooms

I have built the V2 for Forest’s Hotel and I wanted to share you this pic and need your opinion on it, what I can improve here and what is looking good. :slight_smile:


I like the theme except its too flat. Try adding detail in roads and dont use same texture again and again in trees and bushes

I think it looks really nice, but it is lacking I guess some colors, Bushes and rocks would also be nice around the build as well as different structures, examples would be like benches a fountain and more.
Hope this helped, build is looking great!

I like the placement of the trees however I believe the bushes should be the same colour as the trees as for me it’s a tad to bright.

Some other ideas for you

  • If you plan on using floor lights perhaps make make the sky night-time or perhaps at sunset with a sun glare.
  • Maybe use materials/textures on the building as a personal preference I find that low poly buildings don’t go well with med/high detail nature and pathways.
  • Experiment with using different shapes for the rooms so some could be standard, some superior deluxe and some suites.

Good luck with the hotel.

These are just the standard rooms, I am currently working on the Premium and Penthouse rooms.

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Considering that the hotel’s name is titled “Forest’s Hotel”, perhaps you could add in more trees? By the way, the hotel rooms’ exterior are stunning.

Thanks! Well we did a vote and they wanted an beach resort instead of an hotel in the woods, so I listened to the community. I might will add a little forest.

Very cool. Keep up with the good work!

Thanks! I will always exercise to get better! :pray:

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Really great build. I don’t want to repeat what others have said, however I feel like some rocks behind the bushes would be a nice touch. Nothing too big or over-the-top, maybe just a tall oval on its side, medium-stone-grey and concrete texture would work well.

Alright! Thanks for the suggestion! I might make a rock in blender. :slight_smile:

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maybe i could be of help for you?

Well, I don’t have much robux at the moment, whenever I get more, I will think about it! Thanks anyways for your offer! :smiley:

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