[Feedback] Roblox Board Game Idea

Hello everyone! I’ve got a game idea in the works which I’d love to share and get some feedback for

I’m the lead game designer for Dragon Adventures, the team and I are looking to expand our creative knowledge into another exciting game this spring & summer. Here’s the pitch & general gist below!


Enjoy an epic board game experience with friends as you duel each other to exciting matches. When dueling each user will be given 10 rolls for a fast-paced and exciting match where you can land on a multitude of event-spaces! Customize your very own board, made up of four quadrants. When you duel other users, your boards will come together so each match is a unique challenge. Unlock new types of dice, new characters, and spaces on your board! Users will be able to customize whether they want to be a mini-game aimed board, monopoly-like housing board, or mystery card boards!

PITCH TLDR: Large lobby, board games take place in the lobby so you’re not teleported somewhere else. You can customize your OWN board, and dueling players brings a variety of boards together.

Game main features:

  1. Board customization
  • Each board has 4 quadrants which can be uniquely customized based on the types of matches you like to play!
  • Playing games will earn you new types of event plots that users land on when dice are rolled
  • boards can be customized with PLOTS, or you can decorate it with unique themes (candy land/snow world) and customize with fun little decorations :slight_smile:
  1. Dueling experiences
  • Players will be able to duel in 1v1, 1v1v1, or 1v1v1v1 matches! Up to 4 people can play together at once (there could even be mega-boards in the future where a large group of people could partake in mega-duels)
  • Each player has 10 dice rolls, you can lose, earn more, or steal rolls from other users in your duel
  • To win, you must earn the most money in the game!
  1. Board spaces
  • Users will be able to set up their own boards to be minigames, card drawing, spin the wheel, and a large variety of event spaces that will make the game more interesting!
  • Each board space jumped will earn the user a small amount of money, increasing with a small percent the higher number you roll! (if you roll a 3, you will earn much less than someone who rolls a 13)

I want to create a fast paced and exciting board game on roblox, that doesn’t make you feel secluded or feel like a 15-30+ minute game that just drags on without purpose

I would seriously appreciate feedback! When I was researching, I couldn’t find any useful board games that might help me with this game idea. What kind of board game would you like to see this turned into? What ideas could I improve or focus on? Thanks for listening! Sorry for the wordwall <3


It seems like a good idea to be fair, I like the idea that users are able to customise their own boards and essentially play their own way, which adds an entirely new dynamic to the game. However, I’m confused to say the least how this is meant to all come together to create one final product which will benefit you in the long run.

FYI: I think that @Wrathsong is making a board game styled project, he could possibly give you some decent ideas or insight.

You do seem to have lots of great core ideas which include:

  • The idea of duels in particular
  • Customising your own game boards
  • Tons of opportunity for players to sway the game within their favour
  • Making the game competitive, almost like a family game night but boosted further
  • Cosmetic items

The main thing for your team will be to combine all of this without making the game too clunky. Whilst having a game that is feature-rich is good, this might not be such a great idea instantly on release as far as simplicity is concerned.

Setting up game boards does sound like a good idea, but this could be super in-depth if you add tons of features for VIP servers. You could seriously benefit from a lot of communities being able to create their own custom boards for their events. Plus, having the mini duels and such will allow for each round to be uniquely different. I could see a lot of people in a Discord voice call playing your game idea and having a lot of fun with it.

You’ve got a nice idea which captivates slightly older players, and your customisation and such allows for the younger audiences to get interested. I don’t really have too many other suggestions to make, but I have a few questions I wouldn’t mind you answering.

- Will you keep currency that you win from each game? Or will you be given a random amount of currency based upon the position you finish on the board?

- How long should rounds take on average? You said they won’t be super long and repetitive, so shouldn’t they be less than 10 minutes?

- How do you plan to monetise the game without making it PTW? Will game-passes and DevProducts be cosmetics based only, or will there be options that impact gameplay?

Hopefully my two cents have helped slightly.

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- Will you keep currency that you win from each game? Or will you be given a random amount of currency based upon the position you finish on the board?

  • My idea on this is that you would not KEEP currency from each game, some user’s might have MEGA money boards that specifically focus on earning large sums of money very quickly to have a super competitive round. I believe that having more of a set-winning prize (money & new character/dice skin/new plots) would be the best way to regulate flushing too much money with the end game users. Each user will still win some sort of prize, even if you did not finish first. During the match, users will be able to earn prizes inside their duel, even if you’re not first, you could nab some epic prizes! :slight_smile:

- How long should rounds take on average? You said they won’t be super long and repetitive, so shouldn’t they be less than 10 minutes?

  • My idea is each round should take between 4-9 minutes in the gold range, I really want it to be fast paced. I’ll seriously have to make meticulous efforts to make sure all minigames progress quickly, and that no user can prolong the game unfairly/on purpose to annoy each other

- How do you plan to monetise the game without making it PTW? Will game-passes and DevProducts be cosmetics based only, or will there be options that impact gameplay?

  • None of my games have every been pay to win, I strongly believe against it. If one user finds an extremely rare/legendary item, it will be more like… shared with everyone. When you duel someone, everyone has a chance to land on that legendary plot! That is what makes it fun. There will be more of an aesthetic/leisurely monetization strategy with this game.

The easy part is coming up with the gist of the game, I’m mostly struggling to come up with “end game” and “prizes/winners”. what happens when you’re so far in the game, what next? How can I get those users to have a great experience, just like new players! Tons to think about, thanks for the suggestions & questions. They’ll definitely be taken into account when I work on my game doc more!


Hello @Erythia :smile:

I like your game idea, but some things would make me lose interest in such a game, well, the fact that I have to wait to play with someone if they don’t have enough players or don’t know how to play.

So I would suggest creating a way to fight an AI or solo minigames, other ideas that came to mind was to create a trophy system that you win with each game won, the more trophies you earn you can release different boards. I also thought of the idea of the board being 3D, and you can walk it, something like maybe the Harry Potter chess game; Using this you can create different scenarios and entertain the players more.

Something interesting besides customizing your board is being able to customize your pieces with textures.

Engaging players is always a challenge, however, it is possible to offer bonus Chests that are won whenever you get a certain amount of trophies, they can give you Skins, more free trophies, and so on. Levels is also important because it would not be nice for a novice player to play with someone experienced.

I do not see many negative points. Sorry if some things don’t make sense, I’m using a translator.


Squidzyee is correct, I’m working on a board game called Sweet Tooth. Right now it’s a pretty basic RNG spinner game with some minigames thrown in - it evolved out of a weekend pet project remaking Candyland into me wanting to flesh out something more to see a real board game experience on Roblox :stuck_out_tongue:

SO, I love this idea. Sounds like it could be really fun and I would love to see another board game on Roblox. I’m not exactly clear on what dueling entails or means though. Does that just refer to racing each other to get farther on your own boards? Or a melee fight of some sort? I personally don’t think I would find fighting PvP very fun in a game like this. Maybe other people would, though. I dunno. The only other board game like this I could find is Treasure Island, so maybe you could visit there and take a look at what people like and dislike.

I really hate party systems in games, it forces you to be secluded from a large and social community of people into a tiny sever of 1-4 people, and if your friends or players leave its sad.

Dueling would mean you can walk right up to your friend and challenge/play a board game with them right then and there. There would be no teleportation, so you are always surrounded by a large pool of users. My party system would be more immediate and less matchmaking/waiting based.


Ohhh, that’s what you meant. Understood. Yeah, I was iffy on the party + teleportation system in my game but I am following it through. Your idea sounds like it could be a better UX. Would love to see how it turns out.