[Feedback] Roman Temple!

:white_medium_small_square: Build Number: 04

:white_medium_small_square: Here is my Roman temple! :smile:

:white_medium_small_square:I had a lot of fun doing it, how do you think? is it good?


I think it is really good! Personally I would prefer it not having a door though, instead of a door I think you should just use transparent black part. Other than that it is really good :D.

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There’s lot’s the detail and it is really well made. There’s a clear sense of depth and variety in shapes. In addition, the size appears to be closely accurate to an actual monument. Well done.

However, what is that object there?

P.S. Change your topic name.

Looks really good, nice work! :+1:

thank you for your opinion, i am trying to improve myself :smile:

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thank you for your comment, if you’re asking the brown color inside, it’s a door

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thank you for your thoughts! :grinning:

Hey, this seems cool tho it’s a Greek temple not a Roman!

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