[Feedback] Sci-fi Time Travel type lobby (the build is not currently done)

Hello, I need your feedback on my Sci-Fi Time Travel type of build. The build is for a lobby in my game called “TimeScape” I also need you to give me some build ideas to add in here. Here are some screenshots, I also might include a short video.

Update 1:



Thank you for your feedback.


The lobby is great. Except needs a bit more detail. Color combination is good so is the build. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks, I’ll make a new topic when it’s done.

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Wow! I love the lobby and it really fits in with your theme! Though, I think you can add more detail and definitely add objects around the lobby. I think add more neon colors to it, and I feel that the sky should be dark and when you look up it should be a bunch of stars since it fits the theme, sci-fi, space etc. Overall, great job!

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll add a space skybox add more objects, though I need to learn to use blender even better to make better meshes.

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It looks so beautiful, I’m waiting for more. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your feedback. [30 characters]

This looks really good! I think that you should do a showcase cause I think that you have the skill. But I do think that the walls need like some blue on them its looks a little boring.

I might make a seperate game for a showcase, but now I am working on a full on time travel adventure game.
Thanks for the feedback.

Also, I am going to make some meshes on blender or decals on photoshop to add on the walls. I also am going to improve a lot. This is the second version of the lobby not the final, I have a lot of work to do.

It looks very nice and it fits the theme, I have one idea which could add a little bit of detail:

Overhead Cables:
What I would add is some overhead cables which are attached to the ceiling, to make it look like the “giant blue cable” is feeding off into other parts of the lobby, rather than it just going up into nowhere.
Here’s an image I found which would generally explain what I would like to see:

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Did you have a reference image I could check out? I also think you should add bribe lines going across the floor here:

I’m an amazing artist

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