(Feedback) Skulls GFX logo

Greetings next GFX logo just so far I have time so I can take some photos to see what I can create for you GFX logo.
Roblox logo skulls
I hope you like it.
Thanks fo reading! :wink:


looks cool, but it seems kinda flat.
i would recommend some kind of depth.
also maybe dont have the white outlines.
… also the fron clothing seems kinda monotone.

still looks cool, but from what ive observed, that would bump it up to uber professional


Hi tsougranis.
Thank you for feedback, i acknowledge these misstakes.

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I enjoy the aesthetic although not a fan of the outline at all.

Looks good, but also looks kinda plain in terms of the background.

The background color doesn’t really compliment the avatar. Try changing the background to something more vibrant.