Feedback | Small SCP Containment Chamber

Feedback | Small SCP Containment Chamber

I need some feedback for my Small Containment Chamber for SCP genre so I can improve my building skills!


Thanks for the feedback!


Hey, Nice work overall. I like the theme. Something i thought would be cool is to try and make a one way glass.


Thanks for giving the feedback! The glass is one way btw.

Nice, maybe even flood lights on the inside pointing at the subject. Also on the counter in front of the window, putting a mic there would give the idea that the room is sound proof.
This makes me think of the detention room in the movie “true lies”

Thank you for the nice ideas! I will try to improve it!

While I do see similar styles in a bunch of other SCP Foundations, I cannot say that this containment chamber is any different, it gives me an old Area-14 sort-of vibe, the style is quite similar.
However, I personally don’t like the “full gray” colour, if you get me, maybe try recolouring it a bit, that’s all.
Anyways the build is very good. :grinning:


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So far for this building, you have demonstrated quite well that you can build something to what my fellow Robloxian said in the comments about an Area 14 Style.

However if you we’re improving upon this style I would recommend adding some form of short light beams to the building to really give off a more intense feel from the building.

Also towards the building if your looking to improve it, I would recommend changing the flooring to allow for tiles and grout to be considered when your developing in the future to give it some more realistic depth.

Finally if your looking to change the color scheme of the building, to give of a more realistic concrete I would consider a Flint [Roblox Variant] or Cloudy Grey [Roblox Variant] as your building does I suppose to an extent give off a dark color scheme, but that doesn’t limit to some creativity and flexibility in your work.

But apart from that, you have definitely built a good room and so I applaud you for doing so,
Thomas Haywood


It looks nice! The lights look so amazing.

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Looks good, Maybe add some like checkered floor texture or maybe adding a phone on the wall? add a microphone or some laptops so it can hear them talked?


Hey. It looks nice but there’s too much empty space.

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Looks nice from what you have at the start. I normally see (containment chamber) feature things like better lighting placed on the ceiling something you should do is add square tiles as the ceiling texture - material something that’ll improve the overall feel, however since that’s not a big problem that is just something you could use if ever needed.

Although the build is simple and has that level of detail, you can add things like computers wires outlets on the other side of the glass along the way add some sort of floor pattern that matches the theme your going for.

It’s very good I’d say it matches the genre. The lighting, however, is a bit odd dull - perhaps adding a better lighting or small little details here and there/instead of making parts of the ceiling dark however i’m sure this is planned out?



Aesthetically, the build is very good. However, to provide critical feedback, I need information on the SCP you’re containing.

  1. Is it a Safe, Euclid or Keter Class SCP?
  2. Does it have a Danger Level? If so, what is it?
  3. What type of anomaly is it? e.g. memetic, gravitational, antimemetic and so on.
  4. What facility is this? A Site? An Area? For more information, view this.
  5. Is this an already existing SCP (0-5999) or is it an original SCP (made by you)?
  6. And finally, would clearance level (Level 1-5) would staff need to access this SCP.
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I think some of those questions can use " Common sense ".

Most of the questions are for accuracy reasons. It would be beneficial if you were to answer them.

Ok so…

  1. Accordingly to the name " Small Containment Chamber " I don’t think it can contain the Keter.
  2. I don’t think small CC can contain danger SCPs.
  3. Any that’s not danger.
  4. Area.
  5. Depends on my division.
  6. I don’t think just a very Small CC should required Level 5 to access.

As a veteran SCP player, i suggest to make the chamber or the game overall more “rusty” if its about breaching, or at least add more details if its a roleplay game. You could add PNG cracks here and there so the place looks used, not brand new.

To add more realism, you shouldn’t insert the light parts into the light models themselves unless you have Shadow map on, or the future ROBLOX light update witch is basically Shadow but now your created lights will create shadows, so not only the sun will be able to create shadows. Back to our subject, you can create a small part and make it invisible, insert any form of light you want and place it further or closer to the light model itself.

Lets talk about the arrangement of everything. You can rotate the chairs very little so the chamber could have some unique formats. You also could add plants if you want but that’s my suggestion.

You said the glass is one way only. You could add cracks on the edge of it to make it look extremely used.

On the table i see in the background u could add a desk lamp and some notebooks to make it look like an interrogation thingy. Also some cups of coffee here and there would look nice.

With that being said, you did a pretty good job! Keep up the good work and don’t be afraid to ping/contact me if you need more ideas. Good luck :heart:


Considering you want it to be as realistic as you can, try overall detailing it more to a realistic level. Add more items in the room, items on the tables or the floor like lamps, paper. Brighten the room more or brighten certain parts of the room to give a scary effect, perhaps the table area, you could include a touch. Overall, generally detail the entire place more.

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This looks great! I really love the lights. :slight_smile:

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Very good however when I see this I can tell that there’s something wrong with lighting. I think that you need to add point lights around the map with a specific range so it’s not too much light to make it stand out more.

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It fits the dull and sad tone that most SCP games tend to have. Though there has been a good use of materials and colours that work well together. There is also ample detail though there could be some devices which are usually seen in SCP rooms. I’ll go more into that in the Logistics.


Okay. Since I wasn’t provided much information, I’ll have to rely on assumptions.

The containment chamber looks to be relatively small, so a Safe or maybe, just maybe even an Euclid SCP may be contained in there. I know that this place is in a Area but I have not been provided which Area. It is entirely possible that this is meant to be original but I will use an existing Area for reference sake.

Due to the lack of any security systems visible (of course they might be inside a wall or something) and due to the relative thinness of the wall, I will assume this is Area-197 or something similar. Due to the usage of glass instead of cameras (like most reasonable containment chambers would use), I guess it wouldn’t be an memetic anomaly that would affect anyone’s sight. Unless, of course, it is lead-glazed (if you don’t know the reference then I highly suggest you view SCP-4205. Or the glass could be used for a similar purpose for scp-173 but that is in Site-19, unless it was moved for some reason.

Even though I suggested earlier that the containment chamber could be used to contain an Euclid Class Anomaly, which is still a possibility, due to the lack of visible security or Scranton Reality Anchors, what is in there is most likely a Safe Anomaly, considering it’s size. To be clear, a Safe Class anomaly does not mean it’s harmless, just that it is easy to contain. Considering that this is meant to be an Area, that eliminates multiple Safe Anomalies such as SCP-999, SCP-131, SCP-343 and so on as Areas are designed to contain Keter SCPs. To have the presence of a Safe or even Euclid Class SCP would most definitely be temporary and to have a devoted containment chamber to such would be logically absurd. As well as this, Area-196 is designed to contain Objects.

So, I will give this the benefits of the doubts. However, even if this is the temporary containment chamber for a Safe Object, that doesn’t explain the lack of lighting present in the chamber itself. As far as I am aware, there is not a Safe Class Anomalous Object that has and adverse affect on lighting to a degree that the SCP Foundation wants it to be tested on a Keter SCP.

Okay, maybe you want Class-D to be tested. But where’s the microphone that the Scientists use to communicate with the Class-D at the same distance? Now we have a Safe Class Anomalous Object that also affects lighting but not dangerous enough to let Scientists allow Class-D to be used but again dangerous enough to be in an Area.

Okay. And finally, maybe this is an original SCP? Well congratulations for being original. But that still doesn’t explain the lack of equipment. Unless said original SCP also affects sound or electronics now. But the presence of a window means that the SCP can’t affect sound without being classified as Memetic.

Well either way, it is a great build in general. Hardly any SCP games follow any SCP cannon or logic so I don’t blame you.