[FeedBack] Small Shop i made

Hello, Today I made a small low poly shop.

I would like some feedback on it, thanks

Updated Shop:

Update 2:



I’m not too much of an expert on low poly builds but it does look very very cute.
I’d recommend changing the lighting to something more pastel and possibly add some blur and making change the ‘hat shop’ colours a little bit more pastel.

I hope this kind of helped. :sweat_smile:


I Actually really like the shop.

In my opinion you can improve it this way:

  • Converting the big door to a player-sized door that opens auto. (you can use tweenservice)

  • Puting the hat and text on the top of the shop, you can make some more detail with this.

I hope i helped! i really like the shop design and colors :slight_smile:


The build is quite neat! I really find a lot of low poly builds have bright colors, and I believe your models reflects the low poly theme. The style looks good insofar that it’s quite cartoony. I would try adding another color scheme to the shop the blue bricks don’t look that appealing.

The building in general is decent compared to other low poly models. The shop in the picture has a neutral base color which makes all the other details stand out. You always want to add details to the door frame - try going for a grey color because it’s the same as the baseboards.

Adding a door level or a pull handle and different types of shapes to the build a bit would be a good way of making the shop have a more of a theme feel, while keeping that cartoonish style your going for. I would recommend making the windows have a lighter color at the moment the window color is the same as the entire shop. Maybe place a grid on the door so it could look more better. Overall it’s decent if this is tour first attempt.

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Love the low poly build. I would connect the bricks to the other side to make it look more appealing.
image. Looks good so far though. Can’t wait to see the improvements! :smile:

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Looks good, I’d suggest adding less bricks or moving/resizing them as its unusual when they’re close together and the same in scale.Add less bloom + make it bigger as well.

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I like it a lot. I also like the colors you chose.

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Hey! This shop looks really good! A few suggestions however:

  • Try messing around with the colors a bit! Maybe make the blue a little lighter?
  • Are you using 3DText Plugin for that text? If so, try a different font and make the text thinner!
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