[FEEDBACK] Space Station Hallway

Hello, I recently built a hallway that I was aiming for to be like a sci-fi space station looking hallway.
I’ve finished the hallway but decided to not add any windows or doors yet.
I was hoping if someone could give me feedback about what I could improve and what could have been done better, I would appreciate that. :slight_smile:

I used this picture as a reference:

Here is the building:


:scream: This really looks amazing! The only feedback I’d suggest is to maybe make the corridor a bit wider so its less cramped.


I agree with @8BitMick, it would look better if you widened the corridor.


Alright, I’ll have that noted :slight_smile:

Very nice corridor, this would go perfect with Call of Duty :+1:.
I would suggest maybe adding some lights to the floor and as @8BitMick said, make the corridor a bit wider.


So I just woke up and decided i’d look on the forum, this was the first thing I saw and it really blew my mind. Great detail and in this situation repetition is what shines. @8BitMick had a really good point with the widening of the corridor, I feel as if there was like a window/showcase on the bare wall it would make for an insanely good showcase game. I’m inspired by this, thank you for sharing! :smile:


It looks astonishing, the use of colors definitely make the build a lot better, along with the detail. There’s nothing else that should be added, it’s a perfect build for what It’s supposed to be.

Keep it up.

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Amazing. I thought the reference image was what you made lmao, I was like “WHAT NO WAY”. When I saw yours, it still looks great. The actually modeling itself is spot on! The only thing that makes the reference image look better is better lighting. However, when the avatar evolution update is released you can take this build and add reflective properties and stuff and it will probably look just as good!

Oh and, welcome to the community!

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Neat hallways, two things I believe you can improve on:

  1. It could be a little bit brighter.
  2. It could be a little bit wider.

Otherwise, very good job.


Hope you don’t mind, I’m going to give a similar build a shot with this reference.

Lighting is EXTREMELY important with building! I recommend changing the transparency of the neon to match the same look it has in the reference picture, I would also suggest switching to Future lighting if you haven’t. textures are also important (theres some good PBR textures in toolbox)

be sure to get small details added ranging from small bolts/nails, to the haze that you can slightly see above the lights on the floor.

This really looks great!
The tubes seem a bit too low poly compared to the rest of the build
Why is the right wall not have reinforcements?
And the neon looks strange, try setting the time to night

Based on the purpose of the hallway, you may have to make it wider, but it seems like a one like for fixing things so it’s good like this

Sorry but this post is nearly 4 years old :sob:
Here’s my attempt using this reference though, so you aren’t left hanging.


apologies! the thread was bumped under building support so I didn’t notice the date.

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