[Feedback] Stare at Suzanne the Monkey

I was bored so I made this and I’d like feedback. I made it in like under 5 minutes so I’m happy. I’ve finished working on a game icon for it.
Link: https://www.roblox.com/games/5003780822/Stare-at-Suzanne-the-Monkey
Make it the most popular meme game on Roblox please… that would be funny.

If you could, make it more horror esk style and probably into a piggy like game but it has something to do with overall game and not suzanne. If you are trying to go for a comedy, I think you would need to fix it in order for it to work for it like that.

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As for the build itself, there isn’t much to go on but currently it’s just a mesh from blender. There is no point asking for feedback on something that you yourself haven’t created, especially if it’s just a mesh from blender – in that case nothing could be said that would allow you to improve. Maybe consider adding other meshes instead of the models looking repetitive if you know what I mean.

Oh btw, how do I update my DevForum avatar? It’s currently my old one.

I made this in 5 minutes for some fun, although I will change the genre.

It’s just a mesh, so I can’t really rate the game.

I understand lol.
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