[FEEDBACK] Tank (Tiger H1)

Hello everyone! I recently built a german ww2 tank which was going to be a Tiger H1.
I am truly proud of the work but I feel like something is missing, but I am unsure of what is. So I thought maybe some feedback would improve the tank or something relatable. I would appreciate that! :slight_smile: (just realized there was a wheel missing, I’ll fix that later on)

Tank 4

Tank 5


The model is good in my opinion, after looking online I feel like it could have more texture. Try using other materials on the different parts of it, rather than have it all smooth.

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Alright, I’ll try to add textures to the tank, good point :+1:

Good model but I’d say add something like this-

for some extra detail!


Looks pretty hawt! Maybe if you haven’t tried, try meshing it so when people use it, it doesn’t drastically effect peoples game-play?

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Never thought of that! I agree with that idea, would actually look nice tbh

It wasn’t really meant to be driven or used in any sort of way. I just built the Tiger just for a showcase. But good point!

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You could add a bit of texture to some of the un-decorated parts. Otherwise I would give it a 9.5/10. Really good job.

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