Feedback - Teaser of our future horror game

Hello developers! I’m Max, CEO of Nightwalk Studios, a Brazilian game Studio.

We are developing a horror game called Entity, with great investment, and a lot of work involved to make it one of the best horror games on the platform.

We would like your feedback regarding our official announcement teaser. And we also take this opportunity to inform you that we are looking for experienced scripters to work on the active development of this project.
Observation: We are a Brazilian game studio, our English communications are not the best

Thanks for reading!


I love it . The trailer sound remind me of the Mimic book 2 teaser or trailer. But anyways it’s good!

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Thanks for you feedback, we are glad you liked it <3

it’s nice, but i feel the microphone doesn’t match the character, its sounds like he speaks through a megaphone. the subtitles also transition weirdly and the text sounds like he is talking to someone,

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The effects applied to the character’s voice were used to create a immersive sensation of a closed and empty ambient. The subtitle transitions were incomplete because they could not keep up with the speaking time, and the character seeks to talk to the viewer. But thanks for your feedback, we will try to improve in the next trailers and teasers <3

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very cute trailer!! i dont have my airpods on rn so i have no idea what this sounds like but i have a few lil nitpicks about the visual stuff:

  • the static/flashing effect at 0:19 looks out of place. kinda looks like it was just thrown in there to remind u that this is a horror trailer lol. something that follows the theme of the rest of the trailer would look nicer and make it flow a lot better. some kind of red emergency alert or noise-static screen would look good imo

  • the character’s right arm during 0:26-0:30 is slowly rotating in the other direction. i feel like the guy who animated this either changed the pose/easing style at a later point and forgot about that arm, or he chucked the arm movement in there to make the animation less repetitive. either way, it looks weird. the legs also have this weird linear turn when the character jumps. very strange.

  • the shaky+zoom+fade combo during the “coming soon” text is a little too slow. i genuinely thought it was gonna say “among us” when i first saw it lmaooo!! i also think that using shake+zoom+fade at the same time is a little too much, even for a horror game. you want the viewer to feel a sense of mystery, that’s what makes these things scary in the first place. having the zoom looks a bit dumb in the horror context.

  • the trailer really lacks overlays. it looks too flat for a horror game. if you used blender for this, try adding small particles of dust or atmospheric fog. it’ll give the whole thing more depth. im pretty sure you can add a bit of noise to the render under the compositing tab too, that will give the trailer foreground a bit of texture.

once again this is really nice!! keep it up!!


:relieved: Let’s see the result soon. Will exceed the expectations.

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It’s edited like an extended version of a youtube intro, but it’s a good trailer. You should add someone getting graphically tortured in the background as an easter egg or something


It’s pretty good quality! Suggest you maybe make an English translation rather than just captions (if you want.) Unless the Portuguese is supposed to make it scarier or something.

Also, I agree with @JohnnyQuantum:

It’s mostly just like that glowing, moving text that most YouTube intros have. And it zooms into that S like an intro.

I really enjoy the very beginning credit animation though!

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The demonstration video was a bit confusing and short. I’ll be much better if you show a flicker of the monster or something suspicious. I loved the logo animations though.

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Truly amazing for a roblox game. That animation has insane quality and we can only hope that the game itself can match it.


Looks super dope but if your making a trailer and your studio is not well known then you should put credits at the end so the viewer won’t click off.

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The quality of the voice seems to heavily differ from the quality of the video. Other than that, this looks pretty exciting, and I love the cinematics in the trailer!

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Thanks! We’ll take that into account in our next trailer :wink:

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Thanks! We will be improving the voice acting quality in the next trailer :smiley: