(FEEDBACK) Teleporter pads for my game

Hello there! I have a game that currently gets around 1k visits a day. This has motivated me to work on a new update for the game. One of the things I’ve done so far is made each of my teleporters has its own teleporter pad, each one hopefully matching the period’s “style”, or something related to that era of time.

The game:

The thumbnail is pretty basic. Sorry about that. Also, the game above is in a public version at the moment, so expect blandness and issues.

To clarify, my game functions like this:

There are multiple teleporters, each has a period labeled on it. When you use your desired teleporter, you will be sent to a game made in that time period.

Current models:

I’m looking for feedback on what I have done. These are the main points I’m looking for:

  • Are the teleporter pads appealing?
  • Do the teleporter pads fit the period of time they represent?
  • If either of these points has an issue, what do I need to improve on?

This is a pretty original way of making teleporter pads, I’ve never seen anyone do something like this before, well done!


I would work more on the actual scenes rather than the teleport pads. They seem a little blocky and outdated.

Hope this helps :+1:


I guess I will have to look into adding those improvements. The goal I have in mind is to make teleporter pads somewhat/mostly related to those periods of time, mainly adding a vibe to them each.

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This is a very unique idea, but in terms of building terms i’d recommend not using standard roblox materials and adding textures to them - other than that loving the idea!

Looks really appealing, very fit for the time that they represent also. Great Job! :clap:

Keep up with the amazing work also! :tada:

I like the idea and you came up with a good one well done keep up the good work

Never seen a teleport pad like that before, and I have to say, it’s pretty cool to compare them all! I especially enjoy the touch of the mailbox in the 2009-2013 teleporter pad that was used in the 2012 starterplace as well :slight_smile:

The overall concept isn’t bad. But overall I think you’d need to work on the details of the pads.
The actual look on them seem really basic and 100% more could be done to it.

For example: The house

You could probably give more definition into the roofing of it and instead of making it 2 simple wedges try adding bricks and giving it a curve. You can also do multiple bricks to make it seem like there are tiles on the roof as well.

Everything looks good, I would suggest a more better material for the roof to make it more appealing and give it a lighter colour. I would also make the “present” pad, differently as it seems to have a similar design as the 2006 one maybe a different color or making it wider and a different shape could improve it. It’s often difficult to add a bunch of detail to the pads that are already made, so I can understand why it looks slightly simple.

Have you tried using more lighter colors or better materials for the house. I’d play around with it. Anyways they look decent try to move the chimney up some.