[FEEDBACK] Terrain Development

Hey there! I’ve recently gotten further into my interests in terms of Terrain Development & would like to expand my knowledge, thoughts & ideas in general on how to improve when it comes every aspect of Realism. At the moment, I’m working on the Terrain within the place in which I’ve displayed below, so any thoughts, ideas & suggestions would be appreciated! I’d also like to hear your thoughts on whether I should be pursuing realism or cartoonyish & why if possible.

What could be improved?
Do you have any must tips when it comes to Terrain Development?
Would you rather Cartoonyish or Realism? What’s your opinion on these two styles?
What should be added to the place below?
Anything else you’d like to suggest?

Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing from you! :raised_hands:



I love the lighting part of this place, it looks very warm and realistic which is the way I like it, but I think that you could make the shadows a bit softer because at the moment, personally, I think that they are too sharp.


I really like the fact that you used variety of materials. You used cobblestone to make paths, rocks, grass, mud and many more. I think that this design is close to perfect, but the only part that I don’t really like is how flat some of the parts of the terrain are.


Alrighty, thanks a bunch for sharing your feedback with me! I’ll fix the shadows up as well as work on the terrain gradually towards a more realistic kind of vibe while utilizing Grow & Erode.

Thanks once again! :raised_hands:


Hello! A couple ideas for you would be to add a river + day/night cycle if you haven’t already.

Looks nice! Keep it up!


Thanks a bunch! Great ideas, will work on those very soon!

Have a good one! :smiley:


You could try adding a few lanterns and bushes along with a river.
Overall it looks extremely nice! Keep up the good work! :slightly_smiling_face:



As always, please do not be discouraged by my opinion!

Your lighting is amazing! It makes the game more realistic and gives the player a warm kind of feeling. Though, as people have mentioned before, the shadows are very sharp, maybe you could try making them a bit softer.

This terrain is one of the most realistic builds I have ever seen. I like the fact that you used cobblestone for the path and you went for realistic trees in the build. Though maybe you could have added some wind to give it a finishing touch.

Best of luck in future developing.


Good job on the terrain! I like the lighting. However, to make it better, in my opinion, I would experiment with fog (warm pinkish color?). I would also add some rock meshes to accompany the rock terrain. You could also change the default material for the trees to wood as they seem too smooth at the moment. Another thing that would make the scene look nicer is a clearer indication of the cobblestone path, perhaps lift the terrain surrounding it, to give an effect of it settling down to the soil.

Either way, good job so far! :ok_hand:


Oh yeh, will do! Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

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@KhanPython @eraytopal61 Thanks a bunch for the suggestions & thoughts! I’ll work on adding wind as well as softening the shadows up as well as experimenting with fog & some rock meshes. :smiley:

I’ll also work on switching the material of the trees to wood, as well as a clearer indication of the cobblestone path & adjusting the heights to give it those vibing effects.

Thanks to you two!