[FeedBack] The Brick House

can you send me your special feedback?
I need It Because I want your answer about my skill on my build and also about my creation…

and the Game ID is… this,

That all for now, I hope you guys have a fantastic day and i will see you soon,


It’d be nice if you would submit screenshots and provide more information, such as:

  • How’s the building?
  • Etc.

Is this part of another game? Anyway, that’s all I have to say. Most people provide screenshot since sometimes others cannot access roblox during certain hours of the day due to internet connection, school/work (Maybe), etc. Last thing, haven’t you posted this before?

Sorry for the choppy post, had to type pretty fast.

Hey! Can you send pictures too?

I dont know but how i just sent picture only but not Roblox decal???
and how to get the picture ID???

I suggest you include screenshots on your post but I played your game and here is what I think. Buildings are awesome, but I have a few comments.

Roblox House

  • The Roblox logo is out of place and it doesn’t align with the text.

  • On the sides of the building, the signs don’t really fit with your overall theme.

  • There could be more windows on the sides.

Regular House

  • The neon could be toned down a bit.

  • I suggest keeping window colors away from sold colors such as New Yeller (brick color).

You can simply copy an image from anywhere and paste it in your post. You have to download an image and upload it if you are on mobile

i’m not on mobile plus how to get the id picture, i really need some help

For the first building I suggest adding a slanted roof instead of the plain flat roof. Other than that looks great!

You can go into the game and mobile and screenshot.

Personally, this is a decent build of a house there’s just a few things you should change. Firstly, I’d recommend changing the color of the windows and changing the material as windows in real life aren’t really yellow or that bright. I’d also recommend using a different material for your roof as you’re currently using sand for it and it doesn’t suit the brick theme. I’d also recommend to fix the brown part in the roof as it doesn’t fit in with the house properly. I’d also recommend expanding the area where the bench is as it’s hard for a roblox avatar to go through the side of the bench and sit as it’s a really small space. Apart from those things , it’s a nice attempt to a house.