[Feedback] "The Planet Eater"

I made this as a tribute to my favourite movie ever , the “Anime-Godzilla” Part which is called “Godzilla-The Planet Eater”

woul like some feedback and advice on it!
thanks in advance.


I LOVE IT. Although I feel like your should add more glow to the lines and use smaller dots.

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This looks really nice! (30 char)!

I love it! The minimalist style with one color and contrast work very well.

I just have two gripes about the particles and the scene/background itself. There’s a good many of particles around the dragon. While they do help the viewer focus more on the dragon and what’s near it, the sheer amount and uniformity of the particles almost make it seem like it’s a part of the dragon, especially in the first shot.

Another note I have is about the environment. It’s a little confusing figuring out where the camera is relative to everything else. Is the dragon flying up or down? The only landmark in the scene other than the dragon itself is the ball (rock, geode sorta looking thing) and we don’t know how that’s orientated as well. Is the dragon in a hole, or is the sky black?

Besides those two (albeit small) things, the overall render is amazing. The lighting and color pallet work very well together. The rocks give a sense of barrenness in stark contrast to the glowing dragon. Very cool!

That looks really good! But I think maybe the particles could be toned down a little bit, because it’s a little difficult to see the edges of the dragon from farther away. But it looks really good, and will look even better if it’s animated well!

It’s phenomenal! However it is hard to see the head… also some pointers:

  • Make a clear separation form the head and tail, i.e. a thick covering around the neck area
  • Make the head a bit bigger

Amazing. Purely amazing, maybe a little more glow, but honestly it looks perfectly fine as it is. Great job!

Amazing! Hard to belvie it’s even roblox at this point.