Feedback! Thumbnail GFX

Hello, I made a new GFX for the Mafia Roleplay Community game! Give me feedback…


Good… not bad but minor light issues


Very good! Just improve you’re lightings.



Their legs are clipping through the road, with this type of game I feel like the GFX would need more textures so it looks more serious.

Also, I don’t know what is happening here but it doesn’t look very comfortable.

I really like it, very nice. I’d say the lighting looks quite bright for the setting though.

These are very nice! maybe some more texture and some lighting improvements would help, though. Everything looks like human skin including the building, and way too smooth. So I think adding some texture and better shadows/lighting would make a huge difference. Great job though!!

Looks really good. But with that bright lighting on the picture, it looks more of having a BBQ on a relaxing Sunday, and it doesn’t make it look and feel like a mafia roleplay type of game.

It’ll be better if you make the GFX that looks more serious-looking

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The scene is astonishing! I really love it. One suggestion I personally can give is to work on the lightning as the others also said. Otherwise, it’s amazing as it is! Keep up the good work! :coefficients: :+1:


Thanks for the feedback, the example was really cool.

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Thanks for the support and tips!

Nice! Keep it wonderful job! You doing great!

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