Feedback to my Admin UI

I just made an Admin UI. Please give me some feedback about that UI Design. :grin: (My UX is bad a bit)

I recorded the animations too! here is the video! (video is over 100mb)

Screenshots: (I selected the banner images randomly from my gallery)

The animations at the Background😳:

Did you like it?

  • Yes!
  • No!

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If something is wrong or you didn’t liked it my UI, Please tell me! I’m trying to improve myself!

Used Programs: Adobe XD

Thanks for reading!


That’s going to take a long time to script :flushed:

I think the design is sleek, very user friendly, you can easily find what you want, and the admin profiles… :100:

It’d be an honor to be an admin with such a perfect panel.

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Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

It didn’t take long time to animate because I used Adobe XD at designing it.
edit: It’s not roblox, I made it with other app.

However, I also making an roblox version of it and It’s gonna be open-sourced!

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Looks really nice, I would change a few things though:

  • More space between menu elements
  • Smaller font for the buttons
  • Layout of the log needs to be re-designed as it feels really tight, also lacking some padding
  • Feels like there’s too much corner rounding
  • I would try darker background for the buttons & white font instead
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I think its a fantastic first pass. A few things immediately jump out to me.

  • I think you should give elements more spacing between one another. Everything feels just a tad bit cramp.
  • I think the header is needlessly large and wasting space. This is more of a personal nitpick, I admit, but it is still something that stuck out to me.
  • A few of the redish buttons seem like they overhang outside of their parent. You should consider #1 on my list and maybe make your panel a little bit larger to give yourself the space required to include all the information you want to add.
  • I feel like the elements are a little too rounded? You may find that everything fits together with a less aggressive rounding. Again, personal preference.

Overall its looking pretty good!

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Love it! The only thing I would change is the letter sizing on some of the options, it looks really small and might be hard to read for some people.

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@imNiceBox Thanks for telling to me! I will improving it tomorrow with your feedbacks!

@ShadowFox2 Thanks for your feedback too! I’m adding them to my project!

@thebossbear13 Thanks for yours too! I think same as you and I will adding them tomorrow!

That looks very good, but for a admin UI, it might be a little to much of the fancy.
It isn’t something the player will need to see every time, probably only a admin. So the fancy stuff isn’t that necessary.

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