FEEDBACK Tried to make hair for first time on blender

Not sure what went wrong but the hair ended up having A LOT of verts, talking like 40k verts, and even trying to decimate the hair it still had quite a bit of verts, currently 5.2k verts which is a lot less than before but was really hoping it’d be lower. I used a path that was beveled to a circle to make it work, I’m not sure if i ever use a square bevel instead of a circle it will be able to look smooth. heres some pictures of the hair

I did check tutorials on how to do this as well, specifically I followed two tutorials, one being a youtube video and another one on the devforums, I will link them below so you can take a look if you want. If using curves isnt an efficient way to make hair, what would you suggest instead? Is there also anything i should be way about when making hair or just in general assuming that i may of done some other things wrong


Really good hair! Looks like hairs in royale high. Great work! :clap:


Looks pretty good! Only thing is that the hair looks a bit flat for even the straightest of hair. Poofing it out more would make it looks a lot better. Looks pretty good so far! :+1: