Hello everyone! I’ve made a 3D UFO model in Blender but I want feedback on how I can make it better. :smiley:







All feedback will be appreciated, I love receiving constructive criticism!

EDIT - I’m currently redesigning the UFO bases on your feedback, when I’m done I’ll put the images in this post via another edit.

I’m going to finish the redesign tomorrow, thanks for all the lovely feedback. :sweat_smile:


The transparent spheres don’t fit on the UFO.

Yeah, I’ll lower them down a little.
The reason I put them so high is so when a player sat in it their entire body would fit inside the bubble.

It looks awesome!

I love how you’ve used red and black to make it look more unique and not like a standard UFO gray.

Yeah, I wanted to do an unexpected color scheme.

I think it looks really cool, especially seen as it was made in blender. I’m not a big fan of the spheres around the seating sphere but that’s just me lol. Great work!

Thank you! As many people don’t like the spheres I’m thinking of removing them, but what should I put so people know they can sit there?

Awesome! Definitely unique colours for an UFO! Maybe you can add the classic UFO lights on the bottom as well?

I would say maybe make a small interior like some UFOs do have but judging by the model’s size I assume that’s not possible.

If you’re any good at scripting you could make it so there’s a working beam that can pull the player into the UFO and maybe add seats that’re just inside of the model itself as if they’d been captured inside the UFO!

Yeah, I’ll put lights under the seat areas.

Maybe just one large sphere on the top would be more suitable for the build, rather than it being surrounded by smaller ones. That way you may have space for more seats and maybe a small interior.

I’m currently redesigning the UFO and it won’t have the smaller spheres based on yours and everyone else’s feedback, thank you.