[FEEDBACK] UGC Concept #3

Hey guys! Ramen here, once again, with another UGC Concept! I could name this the “Chilling Noob” or something like that. Yes, it’s another Concept related to noobs. Would you like to see this on the catalog? Thanks for you time! :smile:

  • I would love to see this item on the catalog!
  • I’m not sure about that…

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Hey uh, I quite like the concept but Im afraid its quite small and usual roblox games are fps/tps and you dont really get to see something like the shoulder, especially from a birds eye view. While I like the concept, Im not so sure about sales as the item isn’t that visible and the concept of an item from the catalog is generally for people to customise and show their avatar they have purchased.


Hello! :wave:
I really like your UGC Concept! :smile:
It will be perfect if it’s more visible by the other players since he is lying on the shoulder and no one will really notice it. Otherwise I really like the idea! :grin:
Also Happy Brithday to you! :birthday:
Have a good day! :hugs:

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Those are some very good points, which I’ll surely consider on my next concepts!! Thank you so much.

Thanks man! I’ll surely consider that!

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Really nice UCG loved the concept. The design is nice and simple. One thing I suggest would be like have the person lay on something like an beach chair or something in order to elevate the UCG so more people could see the amazing designs.

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I think it looks good, to state the obvious, it’s too small and would be unseen by players. My idea would be to have it sitting on your shoulder rather than laying down. I would also make it slightly bigger if needed. I’m excited to see what you make in the future!

I would say to make the limbs of the noob to be thicker and maybe give him a different expression.