[FEEDBACK] UI Set For Hotel Game

Hey! I just made this new UI set for my hotel game. I wanted to know what you guys thought of it. I’m not scripting it, I just designed it.

Please leave your feedback. It would be highly appreciated! :smile:


Overall, the design of the UI is fairly appealing; however, there are a few things which I personally think should be changed.

First, the ‘SHOP’ icon at the top should be enlarged while the ‘VIP PASS’ should be smaller, along with its description, to fit with the other items. Also, the ‘RAINBOW NAME’ and ‘RAINBOW TRAIL’ should have at least one difference between their icons.

Other than that, keep up the good work!


Hey there! Thanks a ton for the feedback. The VIP is enlarged as it is a ‘larger’ product then the others, but I now see how it looks a bit awkward. This is my first UI, so I’m looking to improve in the future! Thanks a ton.

I think that for future reference, it is often nice to spread everything out more. For example, often in games there will be multiple pages to their shop selection, or there is a scrolling function.

This allows 2 things to happen:
1, categorization. With more room, there is also more room to categorize and better place your products. What you sell can be split off into different tabs, and will give your game a nice clean and modern look

2, larger visibility. With buttons, or slideshow function, not only will your gamepasses be larger and thus more appealing, they will also be a lot easier to read and see. You can then put descriptions onto each. I often find myself frustrated as I have to check what a gamepass does before I buy it, and often a more detailed description will make me feel like I’m getting ‘more’ than I am paying for, even if it is the same thing.

Thanks!! As this is my first UI, I’m still not sure how to create any scrolling functions, etc. I will 100% keep this in mind the next time I create UIs. :slightly_smiling_face:

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