[Feedback] UP House

I’ve recreated the house from the movie “UP”, would like criticism and feedback from it (mostly the house itself and environment).

NOTE: The interior is mostly free modeled, some of which have been edited to make some assets looked like in the movie.


Good build, the color scheme fits well with it but I’d would consider turning down the effects or lighting because at the moment it’s pretty bright I can’t really see the colors.

While the building does look good maybe. A better texture placed on the roof at the moment. The current one does not fit well with the build consider placing a (round shingle-textured) Cedar. The house interiors look unappealing and could be hidden with curtains, blinds, or something to give it more detail. Maybe add a hose connected to the house porch area maybe you already got that planned or just missed that small detail.

There’s nothing to say about the interior it’s a nice build you’ve created the whole design of it well done.


I would add visible clouds using decals, meshes, etc. so it looks more like you are in the sky and not in a void and definitely bring down the brightness as @jordonh23 said

The house exterior looks pretty nice, at least the parts that aren’t absolutely blinding me.

To what I could see, it appears that you possibly made the roof one union. This causes the texture to look all sideways and wonky. I would recommend trying to fix the hitbox of the union a bit so the UV-Map can look better.


Greetings, your house based on the movie called “UP” is really interesting and I can see the detail and design is really similar to the original one in the movie.
It’s really good, though might I suggest you remove the Robloxian head in the bookshelf in the interior to make the house look more professional.

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I really love this build it brings back memories. I would recommend toning down the lighting a bit and working on the roofing. In the movie as well the balloon strings go through the fireplace and are individually connected to the inside. I can’t wait to see more progress!

This is probably the best and my favorite build ive seen on here so far. I have not seen the movie in years and I immediately recognize the inside. See you in paradise falls!