Feedback - Upcoming Star Wars game


Hello! So, for quite a while; I’ve been working on a Project about Star Wars. I’ve made the weapons and a few mechanics. Not much to do as it is a Tech Demo/Testing place, the only thing I need you to do is log in, play for a bit, test it out and give me your feedback and features that I should add. I will make a list of upcoming features/updates, for more information - read the Additional information section.

Additional Information

List of upcoming features
  • Roll Mechanic
  • Force Speed or Force Push
Main Menu Showcase

  • LMB/Left Mouse Button - Shoot, Slash
  • E - Interact
  • T - Ignite
  • W x2 - Sprint
  • Left CTRL/Control - Crouch
  • M - Mute music
  • RMB - Aim
  1. What is this game about?
  • Project: Star Wars is an open world, immersive, serious roleplay game that is based off of Star Wars.

That’s about it, for now - feel free to ask a few questions yourself and they might get included here.

Link to the place

Project: Star Wars

I will edit this post as I update the game etc.

So, uh- Yeah! That’s about it. Hope you like the game, if you do; make sure to Like the game. Anyway, thanks for reading, have an amazing rest of your day/night!


Are you looking for feedback? Or do you just want to show your creation?


I’d say both, but I originally made the post to get feedback on the current state of it.

Pretty sure your going to run into copyright issues if you name it Star Wars.
Never mind, there’s tons of Star Wars games out there. Its still a risk, but not as much.

I don’t agree for several reasons, one of which is that there are countless of popular Star Wars games that haven’t experienced any copyright issues, though as you’ve said, it is a risk.

Image was taken from the original game

When in first person using the Lightsaber the view is obstructed when swinging. The laser blaster is inaccurate most of the time. I dont know if you were going for that. The lightsaber needs better animations and maybe a swing combo.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback, the first person view is obstructed because one of the animations, sadly. The blaster is inaccurate because of the high recoil, replicating the bad aim meme from stormtroopers, though certain blasters will have better recoil that’s not as strong. And the animations will be improved, it’s just something I made rather quickly. About swinging combo’s, I’ll consider adding them in. Either way, thanks for the feedback! Have an amazing rest of your day/night.

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Off to a great start! As a huge star wars fan, I love the detail of basically everything!

The only thing I can really point out is that I found this glitch:

(Sorry it was so fast, it’s because the dev forum is limited to how much I can upload).

Basically, if you have your lightsaber on, run up to the table sideways, and while running, press space and the glitch happens.

Amazing job! Keep up the great work!

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Hey, thanks for the feedback! The thin surface on the top of the table allows the player to place the handle below it and preform that glitch, will fix it now. Anyway, have an amazing rest of your day/night! :slight_smile:



Agreed, and just because other people are doing it doesn’t mean you should either.

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Please don’t start a debate on whether or not it will get copyright issues. It’s not like Disney will target a small game that isn’t even out, yet and even if they did; this project is mostly to improve my developing skills.

I’m not, it’s just that keep in mind you are breaking federal law the moment you make the game public.