Feedback wanted for GFX

G’day! I have been working on a ROBLOX game for the past few weeks, but I’ve also been playing around with GFX designs :art: This is my first ever GFX (This was also made with ROBLOX STUDIO) so I might switch to making some in blender if I see some positive feedback for this GFX



Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: :art:

-xPartyz :wink:


I think this is pretty good for a first GFX! That too in studio! It’s just a little pixelated and the lighting doesn’t really match. Also, 100% use Blender! It’s the best software for GFX! Realistic lighting and also amazing quality!
Overall, pretty nice GFX, keep improving!


Thank you so much for responding! I really do enjoy you giving feedback to me. I will try and learn blender in the future thanks so much for responding! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I made a GFX very similar to this one. This looks really cool! I like it, 9/10 because the edges look a little funny. You used the green-screen like me, I think!

Did you also use a video?

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Looks good, only thing I think you should change is the that the green screen remains gets cleaned up a little bit more. Other then that I thinks its nice. Good job!

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try to move to blender chief because the jaggies and stiff nature of roblox studio doesn’t support it well. the background is neat in my opinion but that doesn’t let the gfx stand as a whole. And one more note, populate the icon with possibly text, vignettes or something that can make it feel less empty.

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Yeah, I wanted a little bit of a video to kind of get a base idea of what I needed to do. I might switch to blender soon.

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Yeah the green screen is the main problem with working on GFX designs inside ROBLOX studio it just doesn’t transfer over very well. I’m most lilkely going to be switching to blender to make my designs better, thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

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@aqzaqz525 Yeah I honestly agree with that statement I will most likely switch to blender soon!

For a first, it looks really good, you can already tell you are a going to be a good GFX designer. Some things to work on I think is lighting, you should try and use blender, I’m sure there are several tutorials to help you guide yourself around blender, the more practise you do, the better!

I can see parts of the greenscreen in the render which of course is not idea but I do like the background and pattern you’ve made. I beg you to switch to a program like Blender and learn the program and how to use rigs, lighting, SSS, etc. It’ll greatly increase both the quality and appeal of your GFX.

Yo dudes, blender is pretty chill, maybe you could like, use it or something.

Switch to blender, you’ll thank yourself later :wink: