Feedback Wanted I Terminal

Feedback on my SCPF Terminal for activating emergency system!

This terminal is to be used for activating announcements, emergency protocols etc.



That looks amazing. Can’t wait to see more updates on this.


Thank you! I will keep update on this terminal!

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What is the SCP Foundation? What are they responsible for?

Secure. Contain. Protect. These three simple words both comprise the initials of the Foundation, as well as the Foundation’s steadfast, motto. The SCP Foundation is most often presented as a shadowy organisation that works outside of public awareness, in order to keep things secret and safe. The SCP Foundation is a well funded and staffed organisation that generally works outside public awareness and operates with or without the approval of support of local governments. The Foundation often recruits the finest scientists, researchers, engineers and military agents they can find, employing them to perform stressful and generally dangerous tasks. These tasks are of course related to the Foundation’s motto that I mentioned at the start: “Secure. Contain. Protect.”. Within the universe that the Foundation operates in, which is most often presented as our own universe, there’s a massive number of strange, paranormal and anomalous things. These things, which bend or break the natural order of things as most people know it, can vary wildly in concept, form, hostility, usefulness and danger. Without getting into too many details at this point, these anomalous entities can range from immortal killing machines to a six-sided die that occasionally lands on a seven. Some can be used to greatly benefit the Foundation, such as pills that can cure any disease, while others continually threaten both The Foundation and all life on Earth, such as massive eldredge entities, for which the Foundation has no idea how to contain.

Describe what an SCP is. What do the classification levels mean?

(Developing from the paragrapth above)

Each of these entities, or at least the ones known to the Foundation , are given an entry on the website. These entries are known as “Special Contain Procedures” or “SCPs”, generally follow a similar format, and contain information written and catalogued by researchers working for the Foundation. Each SCP is given a number, and at the time of this answer, there are over 4000 SCPs logged into the system. Next, each SCP is assigned an Object Class, which is somewhat a broad indicator of how easily an SCP is contained or how reliably it can be contained. There are 4 main Object Classes used across the Foundation, although others will crop up. Safe Class SCPs are those that are most easily contained, with little to no chance of a containment breach occurring. It’s important to note that Safe can apply to SCPs that are harmless or beneficial, but also to SCPs that are incredibly dangerous, but is easy for the Foundation to contain and protect. A key that can open any lock it touches and a cooperative individual that can manipulate reality are both safe SCPs. One step higher is the Euclid Object Class. Signifying the broadest class of SCPs or containment is more complicated or less reliable than safe SCPs. Many autonomous or living SCPs are classified as Euclid due to their inherent unpredictability. A red disk that can transport someone to an alternative dimension, a humanoid that kills all plant life around him and an orb that continually expands the interior of any building its placed in are all Euclid Class SCPs. Keter SCPs are those that are excessively difficult to contain for one reason or another and are often either incredibly dangerous to either foundation personnel or others. Although, that is not always the case. An immortal reptile that hates all life, a highly infectious disease that takes over hosts to spread itself and a cake that infinitely duplicates itself are all Keter Class SCPs. Finally there is Thaumiel, highly classified SCPs that stand apart from the others generally due to their use to the Foundation in locating or containing other SCPs. Among the basic Object Classes, Thaumiel are the rarest, reserved for the most guarded secrets of the Foundation and are generally more difficult to define than others. A facility capable of rebuilding humanity after an apocalypse and a machine capable of sending people in the future are both Thaumiel SCPs.

Name one SCP and describe it.


SCP-1000 is a Keter Class skip, meaning it is quite difficult to reliably contain and the contain procedures mentioned constant surveillance on any individuals or organisations looking into SCP-1000. More effort is made on the Foundation’s part to conceal any information about SCP 1000 than to actually contain the entities themselves. Procedures also mention that no contact with any instance of SCP-1000 is to be done without approval by the project director and in fact any interaction whatsoever between SCP-1000 and humans is to be immediately reported to the project director. The description of course describes the physical appearance of SCP-1000 as you would expect and also states their common intelligence to be equivalent to the common chimpanzee. Apparently, SCP-1000 evolved alongside humans until roughly ten to fifteen thousand years ago when they contracted an anomalous disease that quickly wiped out 95-99% of their population. The disease is passed on genetically, but most instances of SCP-1000 that are born in present day and immune to its effects. The disease affects any hominid, noticeably humans, that view any instance of SCP-1000 directly or indirectly. There is a chance that varies and increases based on a couple factors for the viewer to instantly die due to the permanent stopping of brain functions. This effect rapidly wiped out the population of SCP-1000 and the Foundation believes it possible for the disease to transfer to human carriers, which would lead to an apocalyptic scenario. The description continues the state that the highest populations of SCP-1000 are currently located in the Pacific Northwest of North America and the Himalayas, but there are instances located in every continent. Of course those with clearance level 3 or higher are given a letter from the director which reveals almost everything I just told you is a lie. Most importantly there is no brain killing disease and SCP-1000 are actually as smart as humans are. That second statement is why the report is filled with lies, why there’s such a big cover-up and why SCP-1000 is labelled as Keter. SCP-1000 did evolve alongside us, with us operating in daytime earning us the title “Children of The Sun” and them operating at night with the title “Children of The Night”. We were not technological equivalents, however, and SCP-1000 were massively ahead of us. While we hunted and gathered they developed cities, locomotives, planes, cell phones, atomic bombs and made things in ways we still don’t understand. Part of this was their massive population growth and they covered the planet in the numbers reaching the tens of billions. Meanwhile, there were only a few hundred of us and we avoided them when we could. They also made efforts to avoid us. Speaking of us in mythological terms, telling their children we would come and eat them if they were bad. Then something happened. Exactly what and why is unclear at this point but humanity banded together and wiped out SCP-1000 and their civilisation. Most noticeably, 70% of their population in a single day: The Day of Flowers. As for how, the only hint is that a trister forest God gave us advanced weaponry and showed us how to use them. But make of that what you will. Our ancestors reasons for wiping them out are also unknown, but their went further than just killing them: they used SCP-1000’s technology to drive them mad, restricting the survivors higher brain functions and leaving them as little more than apes. We also obliterated their cities and their creations. And finally wiped our own memories of SCP-1000 and what we had done. A few humans retained their memory of what happened, but most of humanity went back to hunting. And time ticked on. Now the real danger is that SCP-1000 are regaining their lost intelligence and the sightings and sightings of them is cause for great concern. Most recently there was an attempt at communication from an instance of SCP-1000. Roughly translated it read “We forgive you. Given choice for now not forever. Let us back in.”. It is unlikely SCP-1000 would so easily forgive the atrocities our ancestors committed, but time will tell. There are some mentions of The Children of The Night in other places, such as SCP-2932 being an ancient prison for the anomalous created during their time. But largely their story is contained within SCP-1000. It is unknown at this point if SCP-1000 will continue to make their presence more known or if The Foundation will suppress them, but if they are as vindictive as humanity tends to be we might have cause for concern.

That was just for those unfamiliar with the SCP Foundation. It will not be necessary to read it if you already know basic knowledge about it. I just provided context so people can understand some terms I will probably use.


I see some existing protocols that have been used in SCP Cannon, however, may you explain some protocols such as “Fox Killer” and “Nightfall”? Protocols such as Lockdown and Warhead probably exist for RP purposes so I won’t question them even if they’re a bit unrealistic.

The GUI used is pretty nice.


They are just flash in my mind, so I use it plus it’s sound cool, however thank you for the feedback!

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Looks really nice!

Some advice, though. I would personally recommending making your site actually look less like Area-14 since it is pretty clearly based around that. SCPF groups are already oversaturated on Roblox, so you should try and strive for as much originality as you possibly can.


This looks really nice! Keep up the good work. :relaxed: