Feedback wanted! Industrial Cafe


I’m currently building a cafe. Our goal is to create a dark industrial cafe. We’re currently having a builder’s block, and we’re unsure of how to decorate this particular wall:

Any ideas on how to decorate, and if we should delete the current wall and change it to another layout? What are some decorations I can add to achieve an industrial cafe look?


A painting or some kind of air locked window would look nice.

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I would try searching industrial cafes, the decorations incorporated within those cafes aren’t much it usually has decorated lighting structures with a few cafe photo frames I wouldn’t go overboard with the details. Try to keep it at a minimum, and start adding the proper additional details.

Start off with adding a lighting design on the wall with a few cafe frames to have that industrial design, I consider try adding some potted plants to make the area feel less empty I wouldn’t recommend adding random details that don’t fit the style your wanting to approach for (for example, throw too or a few wall art) you could also consider adding ceiling details and probably smaller structures.