Feedback wanted on group icon

Hi! I’m sepro1144 and I have a new icon design that I’d like feedback on. Since my last art feedback post, I have slightly improved my skills, and want some community feedback!

Areas I want feedback on
-Would something like it be sellable?
-What looks good?
-What could be improved?
-Overall, is it an ok design based on my last art post?

- sepro1144

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It looks pretty good, but as a group icon looks not so well. The polka dots are drawn, and it’s easy to tell, but it also looks very amateurish. If you are going for that then it looks pretty good but other than that it doesn’t look very professional. Also, the text looks very flat. I believe you might want to redesign this group icon. It’s not really bad or anything, it’s better than most ROBLOXian’s can make, just it’s not up to standards set by other artists on the website. It does show a lot of potential nonetheless.

This reminds me of the old “It’s A Laugh Productions” logo, as it has the same feel. I believe you should take a bit of inspiration from this logo to make it look a bit professional. Both logos are incredibly colorful and lighthearted, both logos deal with shapes/patterns, and both have around the same type of playful font.

Other than that, I see a lot of potential in it and can definitely work out in a lot of cases, but it might not be in the way you’re intending it for. Good job and good luck!


Is this better?

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Very much so, it looks pretty good though some text overlaps other polkadots, other than that it is way better. Great work.

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I’d recommend actual shapes cause the lines look rough and frayed around the edges. I also think the font should be white and the background should be transparent aka a png. Then I think it will be perfect hopefully this helped.

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Thanks to both of you for the awesome feedback! I do use ibisPaint X, and idk how to make actual shapes on it. I will save this post for the future!!!


If you’re on my you can use Mac preview.

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Hey! I use Ibis paint! I have a few tricks for drawing real shaped! Want to hear?

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The second art you made looks much better and if you want to, you could try using I find it simple to use so it might help you with future art projects.

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Yes, please! Any and all tips will be accepted! If you have discord add me sepro1144#6964!

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I have it on my pc, but I’m in Europe on vacation atm. I have used it before

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Okay added you! Hope to help you out!

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  1. Something like that could be sellable, but you need to up your skills before you attempt selling your work.
  2. The colours work good for you, right now! So you have that going.
  3. I will go in greater detail about that later.
  4. Overall, there is a lot that could be done for you to improve even more!

To start with, it has a presentation of what I like to call “casual.” Frankly put, it looks sloppy. There is high competition among Roblox icon, logo, etc designers and to compete with them you need to make your art look like you meant it. Your spots are nice, but you have too much negative space. Consider enlarging your spots. They also have very poor outlines. Consider making them seem fuller and straighter, instead of having them shrink in upon themselves.
Your text is way too small to work for a logo, or icon. You need to enlarge it quite a bit for it to pop out. It’s also white, making it hard to see. Consider giving your text a very vivid, bright colour so it will really stand out and catch the eye.

With all that said, I really wish you the best of luck in designing! You have potential, just keep practicing.