Feedback Wanted on my FIRST GFX Attempt!

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Hi! I’m sepro1144, a developer/project manager and the CEO of UNexus Studios, an upcoming game studio. I’ve been trying out and playing with blender image rendering all day today, and I came up with this GFX of Stickmasterluke and I next to each other -

Any and all feedback is wanted, reply down below!

P.S -

If I get good feedback, I will start commissioning GFX as a side hobbiy :smile:



It’s quite good just the guy on the right has the hair not following the character. (It’s a bit off) And the fire in the front doesn’t look good at all. But otherwise, fairly good



The characters were made wonderfully, except one thing, which is you didn’t turn the hair on the character on the right side.


I don’t think that this is the best background choice. I would suggest trying to get either a background with structures or maybe try to make the background closer to the character’s colors.


The fire is blurred and has white lines around it. I don’t think that the fire was too good of a choice, but maybe you could try to make it work by changing the color of the fire and making it less blurry and lowering the position of it.


It’s really good for beginner gfx, but I think you should work on photoshop a little bit.


So the following comments are considering the fact that this is only your first GFX attempt. As always, please do not get discouraged by my comments.

So firstly I have to mention that the hair that you have is not following the direction your character is facing. Though the detail that you put in is incredible!

The background does not go with the fire in the front of the GFX so maybe I would suggest changing either of the two to go with the other one (Might sound a bit confusing). Though I like the galaxy theme you tried to go for!

The Fire
The fire looks pretty good though maybe if you could take off the white lines going around it and maybe make it a bit less blurry, it might stand out more.

Best of luck in future designing.


The characters are nicely rendered, decent amount of reflection. Only thing I dislike is the flames that were put in, they just look too plain and just doesn’t fit in. There is too much of the same color which makes it look very bland. Change that and this would become even greater.

Hope it helps you.


I wouldn’t do commissions yet although I’m not saying it’s bad for a first attempt. I’ll work through the image from now on through this post.

The hair hasn’t been rotated properly, you may want to fix that.
Also something which really sticks out is the fire, its very low-res compared to the galaxy background. You want to keep that quality consistent. Anyway, for a first project it’s pretty good.

P-S; maybe add some more things like the ISS. Not a image, but a model…

Have a good day! :happy3:


Render is pretty good and smooth. But in photoshop i recommend use something to separate it. Outer glowing or stripes. And make background a bit darken, render to be more lighter. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Is it ok to use free models in GFX?

You could but I wouldn’t use them for commissions. More just for practising reasons.

Alright thx for letting me know. I’ll improve my quality, but I can start offering my services as a renderer

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