Feedback wanted on my Next games UI

Hello Developers!
I am bust developing my next game. What I really want to know right now is how should I improve my UI.

Main UI

Loading Screens

(Anything circled orange will not show in the final game)

I want it to look the best. How can it improve?
If you reply, thanks!


Hi, I’m not sure if you noticed, but “Character” is misspelled and is instead Chatacter, but otherwise the UI is fine and simple, good job.

Thanks for letting me know. I type really fast and I normally don’t go back to checking it.

Well, it looks very interesting, though I would suggest you change the UI’s color to something more lively rather plain black, because honestly, it appears to be dull.

Actually, maybe make your UI look a little bit more bigger. In my opinion.

Well… The games theme is black, and I want it to stand out as a mature game.

There is some color in this UI. (Not Finished Yet)

It’s actually interesting, to see that you designed the UI, as that.
Thank you for informing me.

No problem! All the UI Is not complete yet.