Feedback wanted on two GFXs


I made two GFXs recently in Cinema 4d and photoshop. Feedback is wanted!

The images


This vote is overall for both GFXs.

  • AMAZING! I would buy one!
  • ew.
  • Meh I could do better :confused:
  • Its ok…
  • Pretty decent!

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Please reply with your feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:
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Quick note: On the top picture, girl on right, the lighting is very strange because her arm holding the object is normal color and other hand is very bright! But overall this look amazing !


It looks professional and really great! You have a great talent!

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I really like them! I personally think that the top one just a bit too bright, as you can see the girl on the rights outfit is pretty blown out (hard to see the pattern). The colours are really nice and the bends in the arms and legs are very smooth! I also really find the angles very visually pleasing on both graphics. Keep up the fantastic work!

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