FEEDBACK WANTED | SCPF | Conference Center

FEEDBACK WANTED! | SCPF | Conference Center

Hey developers!
I’ve been working on my Conference Center lately.
Here are some areas, which I would want to imporove.
If you guys have any ideas, please tell me.

The Conference Center is planned to be in some classical style.
I would want to decorate the inner areas, but I don’t really know what to make there.

Anyways, here are the screenshots:


Any feedback is welcome!
Hope you’ll help me.


This is actually not bad!

I would recommend tweaking the bloom and the lighting to the best you can get it to. Maybe implementing beams into the wall lights.

Other than that I can’t see much improvement being made to it. Good job.


Thanks. Noted.
I’ll also try playing with the lighting and some effects.

Hi @JvmcsYt! Though your conference center is very nice I do have some suggestions. So, first off, the things that I am quite pleased with are your textures, as they work extremely well for your build, and your baseboards as they are extremely well detailed.
Some suggestions I have are to use a different floor texture, as this herringbone doesn’t work all that well. In addition to this, I recommend completely solid doors instead of glass, as they look kind of strange. Lastly, your chairs are kind of strange, as the texture and build itself is kind of odd. I suggest trying to make your chairs a little comfier looking as well as using a different texture.

I did not use any textures for chairs. It’s full studio build. Noted, anyways.

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Oops, very sorry then! I do agree with @MetatableIndex, though. You should try playing around with your lighting just a little bit. Once again, very sorry. Good luck with your build!

Thanks. I’ll still keep your note in mind.

Absolutely love the color and textures! As mentioned previously above, try messing with the lighting a little bit and you’re golden.

Great job!

Nice! The textures are great. I do recommend playing around with the lighting/effects a bit just to add a bit of life to it!

It looks good but it isn’t really something in the style you would think of by SCPF.

This is Conference Center. Not a facility. It’s neither located in the facility.

I haven’t said anything about a facility just about the style, but isn’t meant badly if it is something that you wouldn’t think of with SCPF means it is unique.

The only thing I can see that may cause some comments is the chairs. They kinda look like toilets. Other than that, this is one of the best builds I’ve seen for an scpf.

Nothing bad to say, Very nice my mann :+1:

Pretty good!

It looks like something I probably couldn’t build in a million years, if you want constructive criticism, the lighting needs a bit of work, but other then that, good job! I can’t see anything else of complaint.

I don’t know what SCP means or SCPF, so I can’t comment on the theme, but it looks like a nice courtroom.

A fictional secret organization that contains anomalous items, and creatures and it stands for secure contain protect.

Looks pretty good, try playing with the lights and It’ll be better

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