[Feedback] What do you think about this first attempt on a logo?

so, I just made a logo, I don’t know if it looks good or not. any critiques are appreciated!

(I know the watermarks are large)

(blue variation)


The sunset affect is very overused , the font doesn’t really match the aesthetic . and the neon triangle is quite off-putting and unnecessary Recommend using Photoshop, apart from that like the triangles and how you layered therm,

Ok thanks for the critiques!


It looks decent, but I don’t like the black surrounding your image, it makes me lose focus on what I’m looking at.

Ah ok, thanks for the critique!

I think it looks pretty good for a first attempt, however the background could be changed to something more vibrant, rather than plain. Great work!

Not bad for your first ever logo.

The sunset doesn’t fit together with the rest of the design. Try to aim for a similar art style on each substance (font, triangles, etc…). It feels like you just smudged a bunch of things together. Try envisioning the logo you’re trying to make, and walk off from there. Add designs that compliment each other. Try experimenting with thoughts and ideas while also having friends to ask feedback from.

I usually ask friends about a certain thing I’ve added to a logo or design that I’m unsure about. It helps greatly to know what others think about your product. It helps you find places for improvement you can’t find otherwise. This helped me when I first started out with designs. Try improving and then asking others for feedback. Once you find yourself satisfied with your product, that’s when it’s good to go.

Keep up the grind!

Ok Thanks for the critique!


Yeah ok you make great points, thanks for the critiques!

Love the Videyness of the logo.

I would say the font doesn’t mix well with the logo and the triangles are off putting with the sunset backdrop.