[feedback] What do you think of this "shopping" road?

I’m wondering if this is looking good? I’m working on a new game for Poland and want it to look very cool, any ideas how I can make this road with buildings even better?


It’s nice, but it’s repetitive. I understand that markets are fairly standard, but a bit of mixing up wouldn’t hurt.

For example:

  • Space out the bins a bit more (bin, miss one, bin, etc)
  • Give the shops some colour and ways to differentiate from each other
  • Trees

Thanks for the suggestion, i’ll work on some more color. I’ll add some trees as it will probably look a lot better.

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Hi there! It looks quite nice, but small revisions could make it better. If you believe you are lacking detail in the ‘Shopping’ Road, you could try changing things up a bit, for example, you could possibly round the trashcan, by making it a cylinder instead? Other things you could do is add multiple buildings to the shopping road, and different variations of color for those buildings. Lighting is a very important variable when creating something, too. If you’re looking for a more realistic aesthetic to the build, you could have some realistic lighting for the game. Otherwise, it looks great!

Your build looks very good. However, I’d relocate the benches and trash cans to the sidewalks, usually you don’t find trash cans in the middle of a road and benches are often on sidewalks. Nice job.


In contract to Polyheximal’s reply, I actually prefer the repetitive design. The Polish (not to stereotype them) are very organised and calculative; therefore, I believe the repetitive design fits the scheme. Before, I make any more suggestions, may you please specify on the era and time period this take place in? If this is the late 18s then the grey and dull buildings fit in. Anything after the late 19s definitely requires lot’s of colour.

On the other hand, nature is not to be confused with architecture; the bushes are much to similar and, of course, require different shapes, sizes and more. Unless you specifically wanted the bushes to be well-trimmed, through I have not seen Governmental bush trimmings in any country other than China.

Why are the lights on during the day?

Irregular Lighting (there is a light and the shadows are still quite heavy).

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I believe that is just an ordinary street for people to walk past shops and browse for what they might want. I would think it to be a no vehicle area.


I think everything is fine other than the windows. I recommend you doing something with them than just having a smooth plastic black part.

Everything looks pretty fine but the problem is that everything is too perfect. I suggest you spacing some stuff and adding more stuff like trees or whatever you think is better.

This looks really good. The only issues I see with it is the stone brick that’s on the bottom of the building cuts off at the entrance. I think you should make it stop at the doors. For the other issue, the legs of the chair seem to pop out a bit too much and I feel like you need to make it a black or a gray color.

Looks good but It’s too flat and plain. Look at how GTA spices it up for inspiration.

Everthing looks good but i suggest that you changing the windows a bit.

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looking at it again i think you could decorate the inside of houses and make that u could see the decorations from the windows

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