[FEEDBACK] Wildfire Command Center

Turkish Directorate of Forestry Wildfire Command Center
Finally, I completed it, it is based on a VW Crafter and equipped with radios, surveillance devices, antennas. It is based on a real life vehicle as you can see below. Will be waiting for your comments and ideas.




Really cool creation! I love the outside very much and you don’t need to change anything from outside in my opinion, but from inside it feels empty if you could place more things it will look great! Like Laptop, TV, etc.

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Thank you, yes will do, this is the early stage of it, have a good day

It looks really good. The only thing is that I don’t think the wooden material you put on the seats work and the inside looks a bit plain and empty as HASNPLAYZ suggested.

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Looks great! Only thing I would change up is interior coloring on things like the seats, and maybe add some more to the walling of the interior. Otherwise, 9/10

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Holy- Looks awesome! The only thing I would change is the seat texture to be more of a fabric or leather. Other than that, looks awesome! :+1:

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Thank you, I made it wood because it was the only material that looks like leather but will keep this in mind.

Thank you so much, will keep this in my mind too

Yes, thanks a lot /and 30 characters/

Maybe try using metal, just a thought.

I really like the amount of detail out into the exterior of the vehicle. The interior is nice also.

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Thank you Optimistic, appreciated!

I love it. It’s very detailed and I thought I was looking at a real life picture! Looks really good!


This is just amazing! You did a great job with design and small details. You can keep it as how it looks but there a some little improvements you can make.

First , the rims of the wheels are black which in my opinion I would change it to a grey color to make the nuts and bolts noticeable and stand out. Also , the at the bottom and around the wheel that hasn’t been added like in the picture. But without it it looks good.

The back looks a bit empty and flat. Adding more detail to the back would improve it a lot ( there is no exhaust pipe , don’t know if there should be one)

The inside need a bit of work as the chairs are like a wood texture which I would change into a different texture. Also maybe add TV’s inside and like phones etc.

Also , I can’t tell if there are lights on the antennas but adding lights and making it flashing would be cool.

I do not have any experience with this car or vans but tried my best. Overall this van is already amazing.

Hope I helped , thanks Bart.

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Thank you very much, appreciated your comment.

First, thanks Bart for letting me know,
I am thinking to change rims but I think it looks better with black spare tires,
I will add a ladder and some text to back, it will look better with them,
Interior is still being worked on, will add radios, screens and light stuff too,
I finished scripting lights last night, it looks better now, thank you again.

Very detailed. It’s extremely accurate compared to the real-life version apart from some modifications. I suggest working more on the interior as the seat texture looks too bland as everyone’s talking about. I would rate the exterior of the build as 10/10

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Wow! Really GREAT creation, I had a hard time telling the difference between your build and the actual photo! I have one question: What platform did you build this on? Blender C4d?

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Really good! I love everything but there is one problem what is the tree line antenna at the top cause it was not in the real life picture?

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This looks really cool! Nice job. :+1:

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