[FEEDBACK] Wood House (Beginner)


looks great :smile: for a beginner, I think that’s really good. I like how you did the chimney and added smoke :+1:

Nice, this is well made even tho you’re a beginner.

Looks great, keep up the good work! :+1:

Nice work! I liked it, I like the methods of cartoon and low poly!

WoAh! That looks really good i like how its like a winter theme and the background + the cabin gives a nice vibe. Keep up the good work.
-Chunky :+1:

Looks great. I like the build there are just some small things that you may want to look into changing and possibly adding.

The cabin has a nice layout, but I’ll try adding more to the cabin at the moment the cabin is pretty plain and the roof doesn’t seem to match the cabin look on it consider placing an overhanging roof to the building. I suggest adding a door handle maybe add a frame to it. In my opinion, the logs are the right size for a small wooden cabin. And there seems to be nothing else placed on the house, maybe try adding some windows around the house, try placing one or 2 in the front of the building next to the door.

I would also give the door a door frame. Try playing around with the colors a bit more. Having all logs be the same color doesn’t look good. I would try different shades for the roof, for example, try removing those wooden parts and see if you can find a nice contrasting color for it.