[Feedback] Wooden House

What do you guys think? I’m not much of a builder, so I want other peoples opinions on it.


Love it, has a nice cozy vibe. All you need now is some furniture.


Love the design, Looks very comfy but i think you should add some nice furniture to fit the style! Other than that, amazing keep up the good work. :grin:


I think it looks very adequate! There are some things which I would definitely improve on, and that is textures. You shouldn’t always use Roblox’ free textures, as they aren’t always the best of the best. I think some free online textures should do you good. For example, you could use a texture for the ends of the logs outside of the cabin. Overall, the design of the house is very unique!


It really gives me nice Roblox vibes.

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Really love the design so far, one recommendation I would like to give is possibly change the darkness of the wood beams that are on the roof of the building to be darker than the wood beams that are on the wall, that way it can look like its made out of different wood / give it more color the build overall besides all looking the same as soon as you walk through the front door of the building. This gives the idea that you aren’t just walking into like a “green screen room”, and instead be an actual room if that makes sense. Other than that love the build so far!


It makes sense, thanks for the suggestion!

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I’ll have to look into that, thanks!

Well, the wooden house looks very relaxing with the fireplace inside, and I appreciate your style for the exterior.
Though I would recommend for you to add some cozy furnitures for the interior because your house won’t really look good without an interior, and as we see, every house has an interior.
The standard of your wooden house though, is well-done and maybe even applied to a wild survival game.

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This is a pretty neat house like the proper details and design of it. There’s a lot to add like doors, interior decorations, different materials / textures and exterior work. I believe you already planned that.

First off, let me say that the texture layout you used are awesome. They fit in perfectly with the build and don’t look like they’re out of place like most houses. The only thing that I’ll suggest adding is some hanging lantern lights on the house. Something like that could add a little more detail to your house, and possibly doing a different texture or adding details to it could improve it.

It’s definitely a great build.


I was so focused on other things that the thought of lanterns didn’t cross my mind. Thanks for the input!!

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Looks really good, the house is well built, has a good size.

I would implore you to work on the interior though, because it would look really good as well.


If you’re not really a builder this is amazing! Although I would improve some things:

  • It is kinda blocky for me…
  • It’s lacking detail inside.
    Other then that it’s pretty good I like the size aswell.
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Haha, thanks. I started out just messing around with the concept of a small house and ended up losing myself in it.

No worries I am quite new to building too. So I mess up to! Lol

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