[Feedback] Working on a realistic mining game

Hey, currently I am working on a realistic mining game. I was looking for some feedback on this crystal.
Thank you!


Amazing! Super realistic my only real "issue " to say is the colour in my opinion from first glance but if u wwntr ur tamr to be a lot more appealing u have a pick slot nicer colour but overall amazing keep up the good work!

That looks great! My only suggestion would be to reduce the light reflection effect. It’s a nice addition, but it could be toned down a little.

Nice work! I would say maybe choose another choice then a emerald
the bottem of the mesh looks unfinished the lighting is very nice, more info on the pink light in the background? Overall greatwork hope to see more from you in the future! :grinning:

Suggestions on what should be fixed

  • Get rid of the pink light in the background

  • Smooth out the bottem part of the mesh

  • Fix the background because the light in the
    background needs to be positioned

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I really like the crystal design, the texture is really good. I agree with @Artetriz also.