(Feedback) Would you play a spin on chess?

Currently brainstorming games and challenge ideas. Thought of putting a game of brains (chess) and minigames in ROBLOX.
The challenge works like this: you start off with a simple chess board and work to outsmart your opponent. After 5 minutes, you get tossed into a minigame, whether it be something like Doomspire Brickbattle, a paintball match, or even an Egg Hunt clone. The person who wins the minigame gets to deplete their opponent’s life once. All characters have 3 lives. Each match lasts 5 minutes.
The game is force ended after 40 minutes (20 minutes of chess, 20 minutes of minigames.) If someone hasn’t won by then, the person with the most lives wins. If the number of lives are the exact same, they enter a Sudden Deathmatch where they fight with Linked Swords as the stage continuously gets smaller and bombs start falling from the sky.
The game is based on casual play and a ranking system - “For Fun” and “For Blood.” Playing for fun merely gives players a good experience, while playing for blood is for ranks and gold. Gold can be used for aesthetics that show off how powerful a user is, to choose a single minigame in advance before playing, and for the choice of maps.
So, would you play?


Yes, i would play, the problem is that for gaining popularity on roblox it’s better to do simple games so kids can play too. Just looking at Meep City we can understand this. But from other hand we can say there are a lot of players that would play game like these too.

The idea is unique and interesting, personally I think that I would enjoy playing it, but as @jcnruad900 said, it probably wouldn’t be too popular.
But I would recommend trying to make the games ‘alive’, for example making the chess game the size of the characters and giving character’s the ability to click the chess figure on their team and move it. And you could add some ‘cool’ animation when the player hits the other player’s figure.


What do player’s who have been eliminated do in the downtime?
Also, chess and minigames seem to have conflicting interest from the community. It may be best to focus on one, otherwise most people will have a part of the game that they do not enjoy.

So you play chess for 20 minutes, with minigame intermissions, and if the chess game hasn’t been won then the minigames decide who wins? What’s to stop players from stalling as long as the timer allows if they feel they’re losing the chess component?

Also as VitalWinter pointed out, there’s not much overlap between the chess community and the minigames community. The game might be a fun novelty to play with a friend for round, but I don’t see lots of people coming back for more.

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I would play. It creates a twist, giving nerdy players (like me) and players who like to play minigames in general a nice and new thing to play.

This idea sounds like chess boxing, could be very interesting. You could at the very least start it, and see if it’s something you would like to go through with. To answer your question, I would certainly try it out, although I’m not much good at chess.

Possibly could add a possible chess timer and make it something like a Rush mode.

Glad you mentioned that. The idea is mainly 1v1, so players don’t have to end up waiting in the lobby or for the match to finish.
I was thinking that the ideas contrasted with each other and is mainly based off of chess boxing. Combines brain and brawn. Some players want the best of both worlds and I wasn’t trying to market this as a front-page game, rather more like a hidden gem or something players might find interesting to play in free time.

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