[FEEDBACK] Would You Want to Play a Maze Game?

I’m currently making a game called Maze Of Heck. I haven’t thought out all of the details and game play yet but here are my ideas.

*Players will go through mazes to collect coins(As you get to the more difficult mazes the amount of money you get for collecting each coin increases).

*Players can spend their money on eggs(which will give you pets like most other simulators), toys(similar to adopt me), cars, potions(which will make you walk faster), and double jumps(for doing parkour).

*After completing a series of mazes players will be able to try and parkour to an island. On the island there are two teams and players will pick a team (teams are permanent).

*There is a village on opposite sides of the island (players will go to the village that corresponds with their team.

*In either village players can buy pets and swords that can only be bought in that village (there are different types of pets and swords in each village).

*However players from the other team can try and sneak into the other village if they want a certain pet or sword that they don’t have access to. Here’s where combat comes into play because players will attack intruders.

*I was thinking about making pets attack players. If the owner hits a player the pets will attack that player. Pets will have a certain amount of health and attack damage and when a pet loses all of it’s health the pet will be gone forever. There is no way to heal a pet if it has mid health.

*In both villages there will be another set of mazes (the mazes are the same in both villages)

Would you play this game, is there anything you would add or change, and should I add game passes and dev products?

Thanks for your time.

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I personally wouldn’t play this game, not because It’s badly designed, but just because it involved mazes. Mazes can make you quite frustrated, but not “obby” frustrations because in obbies, you get the frustration which makes you want to play more.

You have a very good game concept, but the maze part ruins it for me in my opinion.



This is a wonderful idea for the kind of people that puzzle solving and/or simulators, personally I think that it is very unique and I would play the game. This could also give people a chance to get better at some of those skills. (e.g. Mazes, Obbys and etc).

Overall I think that this is a great idea and I think that you should attempt making the game.

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What kind of puzzles? morse code, pictograms and spectrograms? i would love to play a cool game with these. It would feel like the perfect maze.


Could you please explain more in depth of what you mean by the game lacks incentive.

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