[Feedback] WW2 German Shop

What do you think of this shop I made for my WW2 game? What should I improve?


I am working on a WW2 game but this looks amazing

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I really like this, I really like the fact that you have made it ‘miniature’ and I also like the cute soldier sitting on top of the creates. A few of my suggestions would be…

  • Lowering the soldier sitting on top (he is floating)
  • Moving the crate closest to the back more to the right side
  • Using a different color for the frame of the billboard (darker)
  • Adding a few more props

7/10, I see free modeled crates and a free modeled table, I would have to assume 80% of this was not designed by you.


The solider in the background is floating a bit. One thing is the trick in the background looks really good and the overall design is amazing!

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Honestly, This looks amazing this looks so good for a WW2 game! I like the design and its so creative, maybe make the guy thats sitting on the crate his face like more serious? To make it better, But otherwise good job on this!

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Hey, nice start.
Some pointers.

  • Perhaps add a tent or a gazebo and some concrete flooring to make it seem more like an organised shop.
  • In my opinion the grass ruins the feel of it and I think you should just resort to regular terrain however that is just from my view you may think otherwise.
  • Perhaps add a wider variety of weapons and lay it out on a table so it can widen the choices available for the buyer, of course they can buy it from the shop already but seeing it first hand before buying will always appeal more.
  • I think you should add an elevated board holder to put the shop display onto as it would be easier for buyers to look at.
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This looks amazing. I’d only recommend adding a tent or something like that.

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looks great, but the guy on the boxes is floating above the boxes and the crates could be changes a bit

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