[FEEDBACK]Laser Tag thumbnail

Hey guys! I’m back with another gfx, an example thumbnail for a game. Now my question is should I start making this type of thumbnails? And if yes then for how much? If no then what should I improve in this?


Looks really good, I could use some thumbnails if you would like the offer here is my Discord:


Also I would try to make the character a bit more bright it’s a bit dark as well. Anything other than that you are good keep the good work up :+1:

Hey Joey, my discord is Davit#0824.

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Pretty good though there are some minor problems in my opinion. For one its kinda weird how the character looks so dark while the background looks so bright. The text also blends into the background a little to much for my taste. I think it could really benefit if you removed the background and replaced it with a screenshot from the map. Kinda like what arsenal does. All i’m trying to say here is that a dark and scary character doesn’t go that well with a bright and colorful background. But other than that it’s good.

Great! It is very bright and well designed!

I recommend you put some more lights on the character or make the background darker, because it looks very out of place.

I like it but the color red doesn’t go with it. Make the picture more vivid and make it a bit more realistic. It’s a good thumbnail and could potentially be worth quite a bit if you add some changes, but you did a good job with that thumbnail other than that.