[FEEDBACK]On A Game Icon

Hi I just wanted feedback on this icon I made it does not look the best so I’m trying to make it better any type of feedback will help!



Is it just me or are the text and icons not centered?


Greetings, your game icon looks very professional for a 2D image! I would gladly say this may attract people in your roleplay food establishment because of the image looking attractive for kids, and I would say the logo looks so cartoonish and friendly!
I hope you keep up the good work in your development


The text looks quite nice, but there just isn’t much detail on the other components of the icon. The cliparts in the back are unevenly spaced around the text, and since they only have a white stroke around them they aren’t as eye-catching. You want to fill up the space you have in the icon, so it would look better visually if you enlarged the text a bit and centered it in the middle of the icon (what you have currently isn’t centered). Try enlarging the cliparts as well and perhaps place them all together on the top of the text, and add a faint drop shadow to separate it from the background.

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Nice and simple, I love it! Just place them in the center.

I would say to resize the logo so it’s looks as intended also the icons of the palm tree, soda drink, and cookie are peaking out of the logo where should not be seen and should be fixed aswell other than that you did a great job on the logo have a good day! :sunglasses: :tropical_drink:

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The text is good, but overall, proportions are not good with the way you placed your objects. The logo feels bland, but there changing where the objects are placed can really take a deep effect to your logo. The text good but maybe it should match with the objects behind it, like a green color, etc. Keep practicing!