Feedback/Opinions on my game?

Recently, I’ve been getting quite a few dislikes on my game as seen here:

But, when I tried playing/testing it, it seemed to play alright? No problems seemed to popup and from asking players, they said it was pretty fun. The only reason I could think there would be alot of dislikes is that its broken or very laggy for other platforms/devices.

Players also seem to be staying in for a short amount of time? (Which seems very odd but I’d guess that the game got broken at some point during that time which could be a large possibilty considering I’m not the greatest at scripting or optimizing a game.)

Issues I’m working on:

  • Making sure Intro loads in via Preload (Done)
  • Smoother movement (Done)
  • Finishing the game (May be the reason why?)
  • Gameplay difficulty is out of charts… (Done)
  • Intro lightning is too crazy. (Done)
  • Bad level design needing to be fixed (Done)
  • Better Tutorial (Done)
  • Better Lobby Design (Done)
  • More variety of obstacles/info (Done)
  • Easier to play (Done)
  • Easier on eyes (Done)
  • Portal hub w/ difficulties separated (Done)
  • Huge optimization overdraw (Done)
  • Animations with movement sounds (Done)
  • Fit with theme more (Done)
  • Intro load times… being too long. (Done)
  • Double Jump Bug fixes and firing.
  • Tutorial moved to better location. (Done)


If theres any F9 problems, screenshot and send me a message of it or show me below. Also, if you experience lag problems. Screenshot and show me the location where you begin to lag. Thanks for reading :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly I’m unsure on why your game has a low visit length and lots of dislikes. It runs well for me and is very fun.

The only reason I could think of it getting lots of dislikes it either it’s crashing for a lot or people( I felt no perfomance issues) .Or people may dislike it because there’s already a speed run despite your many new features like traps, double jumps ect.

Over all though your game has a very high quality, The new features are interesting, the maps are fun, challenging, detailed and your UI and music are also great.

I suggest you don’t give up yet because of these results. Well done.

Maybe it’s not working on one of the other devices like xbox, or phone.


Tbh, after looking at the developer stats for a while, it seems really off?
(Based off monthly)

Also, kinda suprised most players are Tablet players, hmmmmmmm :thinking:


I just played the game. After finishing a few maps, I noticed that they seemed fairly hard. I would get around 20 oofs per place (set of maps) and it somewhat annoyed me. I would consider making game modes (Easy, Medium, Hard). This might keep players in the game and wanting to play because some people aren’t looking for a challenge while some are.

I had a really good idea pop into my head where you could somewhat copy what the bike racing game did on mobile. You get stars for completing a map in a certain amount of time and the easy game mode has lets say 10 maps. If you have 3 stars for each map and there are 10 maps there is a max of 30 stars for each step. So maybe you unlock the medium if you get 20 stars or something and then unlock the hard at 50 stars?

To add onto this, have a script that runs third person instead of the using the default ShiftLock. It might make it look more authentic without any crosshair/icon in the middle of your screen so you can focus on the game.
idk, just a suggestion I had that would make me enjoy it more.

TLDR: Make easier maps for people that don’t want a challenge, make a script that runs third person.

EDIT: I’ve made it to the car map and I almost quit. It is ridiculously hard and I die in random places because the kill brick. I have 40 OOFs in the map rn.

EDIT 2: 110 OOFS as of candyland. Not enjoying it. Way too hard, I get super far one turn and then the next 40 times I am trying to get past the first section.

AAAAND I quit lol. I can’t take it anymore. I rage quit because I get so far into a level and then almost made it to the teleport and then failed. Couldn’t pass the first section of the stage because it was annoyingly hard and so here I lie.

Please, fix some of the level design. This includes less repetition in the maps, more unique styles/higher quality builds, and making some of the maps easier. I made it to around 140 oofs before I quit and I couldn’t take it anymore.

Everything I just mentioned is probably one of the reasons people don’t stay long paired with that this game isn’t meant for mobile or it doesn’t feel like it should be and the way you market your game could be another issue as to why so little people visit it. Advertisements, better thumbnails, etc are all paired with this. You have to adjust things to figure out a sweet spot but once you do everything lights up.

Final Edit: I just joined today just to see if I could beat a level or two and it didn’t save my progress.


I’ve just played it again and it’s 10 in the morning the sun is shining and I was nearly sick, my eyes ached after 4 seconds. The intro honestly hurts my eyes.


Yeah I can agree it gets a bit difficult with the high speeds and small areas to land on / walk. I think the difficulty mode idea is a good one.

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Just what I was looking for, I’ll see what I could do to fix…

Edit: NGL, the difficulty may be a bit off due to the fact that its hard to test if you’ve been playing on the same level multiple times to test it making it “easier” to only you, rip me. Gonna see what I can do though…

I would agree, planning on turning down the brightness and saturation notch a bit down.


After playing all the levels in this game I’ve got a few points to go over that may improve the quality of the game, therefor hopefully explaining why you have such a drastic user drop-off.

Firstly, I’d like to state that I really enjoyed playing this game and honestly I feel it’s a lot more polished than the other leading speed run games at the moment, and it has a lot of potential. This being said, I have a few points to bring up that will hopefully help refine the user experience and improve that average playtime! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For starters, I’d like to address the main menu screen. I think the scrolling camera you’ve added is a nice improvement and the music really pumps me up for some speed running. No issues here. My problem with this game starts with the first room you load up into. In my opinion, this room is very bland and stiff and it may be a reason that people are closing your game fairly fast. It’s very bland and the excessive use of “memey” decals (Yes, I saw the roof) really sets a standard for low expectations. My suggestion would be to remove this area entirely and load the user directly into the tutorial, or to have an entirely different lobby that ties into the theme more. In the tutorial, my only complaint is that the spikes are quite hard to see and I feel they should be exaggerated for demonstration’s sake. Otherwise, I like the tutorial quite a lot.

Lastly, I’d like to go over the first level as it’s very important when introducing a player to your game and definitely sets an expectation for what the rest of the game will be like. I’m going to be completely frank and say that I very much do not enjoy the first level of this game. A first level should include the mechanics you discussed in your tutorial, but the first level doesn’t seem to have any obstacles (or any ways to die aside from the water) that I’ve been able to find. Maybe adding some obstacles or complex pathways would be a more enjoyable experience for a new player rather than going through a relative cakewalk only to be face-slapped by the difficulty curve in the upcoming levels. As for aesthetic changes, being confronted with both the main soundtrack and the shrek song immediately upon loading in is very unappealing and I would suggest either drastically reducing the range and volume of the boombox, or removing it entirely. My last critique for this first level is to potentially add some sort of direction that the player can easily identify. Speed run games are about quick decisions and reflexes but I feel as if the level doesn’t even start until you reach the wooden stairs past the beach area. Along with this, the fences aren’t much of an indicator that I should take a sharp left and go all the way around to the stairs area. I feel that you could open this up a lot and have the player move in a more linear or curved path rather than the maze-like format of this beach/fence combo.

That is all for my critiques and with sincerely hope this advice helps into increasing your average playtime and visits. I’d also like to restate a last time that I very much enjoyed this game after the first level and I absolutely adore your level ideas! I physically chuckled at the bacon level and I hope that you can keep creating and adding levels onto this. Hope to see this game around, cheers! :v:


Honestly felt the first level was off, also thanks for addressing many issues. I’ll see what I could fix to make it better, thanks :wink:

Issue list has been updated, if you feel like the game has any other issues, please do tell me :stuck_out_tongue: and i’ll consider what I’ll need to fix. Thank you :smile:

In your guy’s opinions, should I remove these trees? This area alone (with streaming enabled) loads about 5k parts for just one area which is much more than all my other areas. The trees were made with a plugin but fit quite well with the terrain a bit and style. Should I replace it with a possible tree that doesn’t fit with the style but probs hugely optimizes the game?


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If you want to keep those trees you should try unioning them and deleting a few. It really depends on the total part count and it’s performance on whether or not you should delete it. I personally didn’t have any lag issues from memory so I don’t see a reason to delete them.

I heard unions were pretty bad to use for performance? (Correct me if i’m wrong doe oof)


How about these trees I made?

hmmmm, I’m unsure. I heard unions do cause lag in some cases but on the client side? I don’t really know.

When I checked the devleoper stats, alot of mobile players played my game so I was thinking of optimizing it for them?

(Gonna be goin for a while, just reply and Ill read)

Ok upon joining, I LOVED THE MENU! By far it was my favorite part. Good job on it. Though it sounds like the super smash bros ultimate theme is playing? Unsure if it is copyrighted since its a remix though.
Updates and credits menu is also nice! Nice job Also love how it scrolls through some of the levels.

Love the interactive tutorial. Though I wish they were gui’s that popped on your screen, sorta like. Once you double jump, the next gui comes up and tells you what you should do next, so on and so forth.

Upon getting to the beach, I disliked hearing all the memes playing. You should probably remove it.

Personally, I think there should be sound effects for jumping, and animations for jumping and running both. Its kinda boring.

Levels can be laggy, Currently I am on a low end pc. I can run the normal speed run 4 just fine, but this has trouble running on my pc.
Even at the lowest settings possible. I started noticing it getting to the desert level.

Dying is fine, I like how you instantly respawn instead of waiting.

Anyway this is all i can say about is as i cannot go any farther due to lag.

Good job though on the game, I went ahead and gave it a thumbs up. Wish you luck!

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If you altered the terrain colours/material to be more cartoony I feel that would look good. It would also match the other assets that have a cartoony low-poly look(Which seems to be your game theme from what I have experienced ).

My Suggestions:

First of all, congratulations. This is honestly a really great, fun game. But there are a few things I found annoying, and may possibly cause your high number of dislikes.

Shorter Loading Time:

Not sure if this is entirly possible for you, but try your best. The time it takes to load may draw away players.

The lobby is confusing

Not even going to like, it took me almost 2 minutes before I saw the big “Ready?” sign on the wall. Looking past it at first, it looked like just another decoration on the wall. Maybe make the start a bit more apparent?

Add arrows

At first, I was a bit confused where to go. With all the invisible barriers and everything it can get confusing. Perhaps add some arrows or guides so they know where they are supposed to go.

Easier levels at the start

I know this suggestion is a bit debatable. But I noticed your levels kinda got harder very quickly. Maybe have a better transition? I doubt people will want to just get used to an easy level like the tutorial and the first level, then just get thrown at something much harder.

Also, keep in mind, as annoying as it is, some players just are very “emotional” when it comes to game. Your players are most likely not developers. They won’t understand how much effort you put in your game or how hard it is to remove every single bug. A lot of players just find one tiny mistake and hate the entire game. And some players just plain out get very angry unreasonably when they loose and dislike. This is why I recommend easing players into higher difficulty levels.


Hope these suggestions help.
I liked your game to help you out. :slight_smile: