Feedback/price on Roblox audio

Hello, my name is DevNetCheese and I am a Composer (Yes, am re uploading this because, I had move audios and I forgot somethings within the only post.)

I want you guy’s feedback on my audios I want to know how much would you buy this for why or why not?

First one I ever made.




(Sorry for the black screen)

I want to know which one y’all like best, Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


These sound nice, but I can’t help but notice that the fourth one is just a template Garageband track. If you’re planning on selling this, you should put some more effort into it.


Well, I mean all my tracks are for the garadeband Template because, I want to get use to using them then I will make my own music within Garadeband and I mostly like the Templates but I will work on making my own.