Feedbacks on my created City Map

Here are all the Screenshots:

There are more but i can only send only 5 pics


cl le bar restu nt
please fix the text? also the map is too grey, change it

Yes i know. But its still work in progress. I was expecting good feedbacks.

One’s im done with other things then ill put accessories in it

I think it was Club Bar Restaurant or something

If the city was finished, would there be light coming in?

Yes there are Veriety of Buildings like “Dealership, Police Station, Restaurant, Club Bar etc

Yes there is. i was planning on putting street lights in Sidewalks

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I believe this to be a floor plan or a guide. There isn’t much to give feedback on, but I feel like some areas are disproportional. For example, a sidewalk should fit 2 people side by side with a little more room. Having a dummy, a fake player character, can help with that issue.

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Thank you for your advice @Reditect